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    A Planned Tryst

    She’s home now, and I’m mid process editing some video. I have to do some anonymization and then I’ll post that. Probably this will be late Tuesday or Wednesday night. I can’t edit this with certain people up at home, and can’t work on it tonight. It’s my first time doing this kind of...
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    A Planned Tryst

    Very soon, and when I get the details, you will too. She’ll probably need rest first, but then I can drop her off while I run errands that next day. Shouldn’t be long.
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    Comment by 'silkenquiver' in media 'Australian chick fucks big Cock'

    All that smiling at each other is really sweet. That slow closeness too. Super hot video.
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    A Planned Tryst

    It came to my attention recently that one of my wife's good friends has wanted to sleep with her for going on ten years now. He's respectful, and they really haven't done anything at all. Thing is, he's aware that she plays and somehow both of them were under the impression that I'm against...
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    Is my religious wife finally caving in?

    This thread is a great read. I wish the best for you two, and hope both that she is getting her needs met and that she ends up comfortable being open about it.
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    Wife Fucking Without You

    The feels when she “forgets” to record and it later turns out she was so heartfelt and passionate that she wanted to keep privacy. Something like, “Darn! Awww! Shucks. Mmmm,” but all at the same time. Disappointment, compersion, humility, arousal. When she told me, I had to ask her for a...
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    Friends with benefits...

    I had to think through my response a while to come up with anything useful for you. Then it hit me: it’s your locale. You know it’s about the sex, and you know dudes will say whatever to get in panties. But you’re right that even when it’s NSA, some percentage of guys should pride themselves...
  8. Spread Wet.jpg

    Spread Wet.jpg

    She got home, and changed to hit the pool. Then realized she might need to hit the shower first when her swim trunks were wet before she could get to the door.
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    Pull Peek.jpg

    Pulling a bit to peek the pink.
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    She's so aroused by the thought of what will soon go on that her outie swelled to an innie.
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    Interesting Question

    Ask her! It all depends. People vary and even then, situations change. Counterquestion: Do you want her to be insatiable enough that she’ll get it on the side even if you’re opposed? Or is it important to pause it all occasionally? Keep your answer in mind when you ask her.
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    Desperate to watch her make love

    You’re leaning toward polyamory. We’re undergoing a similar transition now, and thought we’d never be able to see it through. Then suddenly we can. She really likes this new guy. He’s perfect for it and I’ll have more to say about later. First read up on triads and how couples mess up...
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    Why doesn’t the site have a “Couple” option? We’re not a he. Nor a she. We’re a we. And we...

    Why doesn’t the site have a “Couple” option? We’re not a he. Nor a she. We’re a we. And we prefer it that way on sites like this.
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    Would you.jpeg

  15. Pink is pretty.jpeg

    Pink is pretty.jpeg

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    Springfield, MO company for her

    She’s out of town and lonely. AFF and SLS have only much older guys, so posting here. Looking for a bull, age 25 to 45, well hung is better. She asked me to help her look (verification attached). This presents the perfect opportunity to set her up for a more exciting “chance...
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    Wife said yes...what next?

    Before anything, set your goals and expectations together, starting with rules. Can she play alone? Is kissing okay? Snuggling? Creampies? What sex acts are out of bounds? Should you seek one long term boyfriend, numerous new dick adventures, or something in between? Going by porn sites...
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    We call it "cheating" rather than just playing if she gets fucked without saying anything first. It's still okay ;)