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    Karen's car ride

    We've done that a few times, but it was years ago. We had a conversion van with a bed in the back, which made it easier for Suz to fuck guys. One night, we did a fuck We'd stop at one place, meet a guy she had pre-arranged and she'd fuck him. Then we'd go to a different place and...
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    Tailgate party at college football game

    Wow....she's a beautiful young lady! I bet it's awesome watching those big titties rock back and forth while he's pounding her. Have y'all talked about her fucking other guys than the one she has been playing with? When my wife gets on a roll fucking new guys, the more she gets, the more she...
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    A BIG step has been taken!

    Have you and your wife ever been to a strip club together? Suz and I used to do that some, before we dove headfirst into this lifestyle. She was always friendly and flirty with guys sitting near us, which opened her up to fucking other men. Once, after the club closed, we went to breakfast with...
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    Photo of your wife back then and now

    Wow! 😍 She's been beautiful her whole life!!
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    We had our first time on New Year's Eve. And I ate cum from my wife to see in the New Year.

    Congrats to the both of you! Now that y'all have dipped your toes in the water, hopefully you will enjoy much, much more. Suz & I did it many years ago and have had a lot of fun. Our preference was to not get bogged down with just one person repeatedly, but new guys pretty often. Suz loves...
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    Gloryhole fun

    Thanks for thinking of us, but we will be on a trip in another direction. Go check it out and report back on how it is and if the place is still pretty clean. We haven't been in a long time! Good luck and have fun. (y)
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    We are letting the secret out with friends and family

    Good luck to y'all with coming out to Fam & friends. Courageous move, but be prepared for some to be ugly about it. If you guys haven't discovered it yet, there is a place up in Gastonia right off 85, called CVE. It is an adult theater complex with 4 or 5 different theaters. Since Ana loves BBC...
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    Long term fantasy starts becoming reality and we're scared.

    Just assure her that you being involved in MFM with her and other guys is plenty for you. Sounds like you're a lot like myself, in wanting to watch her be pleasured by someone else. Let me assure you, that watching someone fuck her while she is sucking your cock is even MORE fun than just...
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    Wife sucked a bbc at party and tried to lie

    Just wait until you slide your hard cock in her pussy after it is full of someone else's cum. You'll be hooked and helping her find men to fuck!
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    Tampa Vacation :-)

    Fantasyland & Fantasyland 2 might be fun if you like adult movie theaters.
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    Foxwoods new years eve

    I agree! Very attractive lady. 😍
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    Premature ejaculation

    Don't do it! It may stick and you'll never get rid of it! :oops:
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    What experiences led you to finding this kind of kink.

    When my ex wife ran off when I was 30, I found myself suddenly single. Being a guy who doesn't drink, smoke or fool with drugs....going to bars to pick up women wasn't a desirable option for me. I placed an ad in a swingers magazine (this was 1989) to meet couples who like MFM. I got lots of...
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    Bought a 10 inch dildo

    I bet she'll be able to take it no problem!
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    The hottest thing she's done with you present

    Suz has done so many hot things while I watched, it's hard to narrow it One of the hottest things that pops into mind is when we were in an adult arcade in Myrtle Beach. Several guys had already fucked her thru the glory hole, and one had just finished in her and exited the adjacent...
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    Tight pussy?

    Tight is better than sloppy loose for me. Before Suz and I got married, I was fucking this gal from work who had a cavernous pussy. I was pounding the hell out of her one night and fell in! I was trying to find my way out....and bumped into another dude! He asked what was I doing? I told him I...
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    Hotwife as therapy?

    @Scpl2 You should get your Urologist to prescribe you some Trimix. I'm a prostate cancer survivor too, and like you...I can get hard but it rarely lasts long enough. Trimix is a medicine that you give yourself an injection that is painless, and you will be so hard a cat couldn't scratch it for a...
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    If you have an adult bookstore near you, see if she would like to go in and watch movies in the arcade. If someone sticks a cock thru the hole, encouraged her to play with it!
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    Well......that Dang Google Maps lied to ;) Hope y'all have, or had fun.