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  1. notoriousbbc

    BBC Playing With White Wives and GF

    Mature Lady enjoying my BBC so you see all you Woman can enjoy the sensation regardless of age Providing you are over 18 of course
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    Not All BBC are the Same But I'm More Than Happy With What i Have And Fellas So should you be with yours

    Pure Pleasure is what its all about and if any of you ladies out their fancy playing with mind let me Know and lets make it happen
  3. notoriousbbc

    BBC Playing With White Wives and GF

    Yes sometimes its pure lust, But i do enjoy making Married pussy cum and cum the only way i know how And Love to pleasure the woman with my BBC So do not be to Harsh After all we all love Sex
  4. notoriousbbc

    Fellas have you ever faked it?

    Fellas have you ever faked an orgasm just so you could end that sex session because it was terrible and you just wanted it to end? Have you ever faked enjoying any part of sexual of activity with a woman before and tolerated it because regardless of how bad she was you still wanted to beat that...
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    Well if she is still looking ask her to get in touch
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    What did you get your cuck for valentines day?

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    Eat the cream pie or not eat the cream pie? That is the question

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    UK Bull Looking for Ladies for adult fun check out my profile and get back to me Must be able to take my throbbing BBC No Time wasters & You know who you are
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    Non-scary activities for a nervous wife?

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    UK/Ireland/Scotland Room For People Who are looking for Fun & Pleasure

    Same Here East Midlands Lincolnshire & Cambridgeshire and looking to pleasure woman with my BBC please message me
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    Uk couple

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