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    Wife faked as Tranny

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    Show us your wife dressed up before going to meet her bull

    The ice pack is funny.
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    Helping bulls cock into wife's pussy ..anyone else get turned on by this

    If you sit and watch, it's her and her partner, you're not involved. If you help him in, it's her, her partner and you, you're now involved. The dynamic changes drastically.
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    Nude or topless cruise

    Went on on carnival Cruise circa 2010. It had a topless sundeck.
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    It's never going to happen

    My GF of 2 1/2 years is or was vanilla with what I classify as severe intimacy issues. We tried counseling at my suggestion. 3 weeks later she told me she didn't want me anymore. Apparently counseling exposed more of our differences than she realized.
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    Swallowing someone else's sperm

    No difference, just 'diluted' by her juices.
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    An issue that cropped up a few weeks ago. The [Add Attachments] button has disappeared from all...

    An issue that cropped up a few weeks ago. The [Add Attachments] button has disappeared from all pages. Additionally I can no longer drag and drop. Tried different browsers, operating systems, computers & IP addresses. I have sent messages to the [contact us] email, used help and even tried...
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    Making Reports

    Please see this
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    Would you cum kiss your wife?

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    When my doctor invited me for a full body inspection

    Good story and with superb pics
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    Always Locked

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    Some questions for the wives

    It makes perfect sense and is the sensible thing to do. You'd be surprised how all those friends that claim to be non-judgemental will suddenly pass judgement.
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    Wife cums once every 2-3 weeks and needs a Vibrator

    The magic wand was my late wife's goto as well. Guaranteed orgasm within 2 minutes. LadyFriend also has trouble orgasming from penetration or general sex. BUT I found what gets her going and gets her to squirt almost every time, That squirting is an orgasm.
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    Taking the next step

    And what was your answer?
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    Any body else get addicted to seeing there wife sucking and fucking another cock after the first time

    I wouldn't say addicted but there were times I rather see her getting fucked than fuck her myself.
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    On The Verge Of Hotwifing. Kinda.

    Allowing your wife to explore her sexuality doesn't make you a loser, in fact it makes you a cherished husband.
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    I'm just not sure I can do it, but I want to do it for her.

    Every couple has their own rules based upon their personal life & lifestyle. My late wife & I had simple rules, the basic was "IT'S ONLY SEX". She didn't date, dating is an emotional act, sex is not, sex is a physical act. For me it was compartments. I compartmentalize, sex in one box, kissing...
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    Cuckold movies

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    Cuckold movies

    WHAT???????????? A cuckold is a husband whose wife has sex with others!!!