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    candaulism It's a thing

    her botty bared and smacked for you all to see lol
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    candaulism It's a thing

    thanks pal glad you enjoyed it and speaking from how it worked out for us you should definitely arrange a third party to do or watch (y) my wife loves/hates to be controlled by a unconnected third party authority figure and for me to witness them expose spank and enjoy her humiliation and...
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    candaulism It's a thing

    longer version with more finger play keep in mind this old twat was bragging about what he was upto with his cleaner and was showing his videos and picture to his mate in our local pub and somehow most everybody ended up seeing them which led to some interesting conversations to say the least
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    candaulism It's a thing

    haha yeah hairy pussies aren't for everyone but one of the old guys she cleaned for who used to spank her for any infraction of his ever changing rules and standards lol :ROFLMAO: once shaved her pussy and we weren't fans of the razor burn or spots and itching so grew it back and stayed natural...
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    Beautiful asses with a hand on the cheek

    as you know she loves a spanking from a strict boss daddie and has a great pussy here's another video one of her boss daddies sent her of her teasing his cock before he smacked her bottom for her and bent over bare bottomed pussy on show teasing a old bloke i got to call and spank and finger...
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    I need a slut asshole on this cock

    oh you definitely would enjoy yourself shes lovely and tight and it feels great inside her pussy and bum hole (y)
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    Gotta cum...bad...anyone willing to share some pics?

    wow sounds wonderful her pussy would certainly be wet when standing panties pulled down and bare bottomed in front of you and you having control over her pussy and bum and of course id love to watch you smack her bottom and put her in her place and once you have asserted your dominance...
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    Gotta cum...bad...anyone willing to share some pics?

    hey dennis thanks for the reply she loved it lol wondering are you into spanking and would you put her over your knee and smack her bare bottom as described and she loves for her its more about the embarrassment of being a grown woman and having to accept a smacked bare bottom and her...
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    Can I use your wife

    thanks pal glad you liked them here she is waiting to be used and what she does while she fantasizes about being used (y) :love:
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    Gotta cum...bad...anyone willing to share some pics?

    yeah you're dead right she is and glad you enjoyed them truth is i love to see my wife at a disadvantage and in the hands and control of a dirty old bloke whos dying for cunt and cant believe his luck to have something over her that compels her to do everything he says and she has to let him...
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    Let's see your wife bent over for BWC to rate

    you have such a sexy way about you and great arse and pussy :love: i love and look forward to your posts (y)
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    Enough ass- WE WANT BOOBS

    cheers mate yeah she takes a nice color in the sun and tans well but you know the tan she really wants is across your knee panties down and getting her bare arse tanned by you lol (y) (y);) just noticed the main topic of the threat is titties so heres her titties to restore the balance of...
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    Who else enjoys taking voyeur pics of unaware wife and posting her?

    wow what a lovely arse ,id love to put her across my knee take down her panties and give her a nice "good girl spanking" then have my way with her by then wet, and willing holes (y) :love: ;)
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    Horny and ready to do tributes

    loved the picture now she waiting to hear what you'd do to her lol
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    Show us your wife getting cock tributes.

    part two heart felt thanks to all who contributed this great work to us ,its been a real blast receiving enjoying and sharing them :love: (y)
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    Show us your wife getting cock tributes.

    my wife panties off being dealt with by some of the best members on here in their dirty minds lol :love: (y);)
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    Deepfaking your wife into videos

    i flew into paducah from the uk for a show in metropolis back in 1997 she looks like a fun lady would have loved to hooked up with her then :love: ;)(y)
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    Guys checking my wife's cameltoe.

    well my mrs used go to the cash bingo in town around the time the reverend had been calling to smack her arse for me a couple of times a month his treatment and her response gave her the confidence and desire to tease and flaunt to try and engineer a situation that might result in her getting...
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    Post closeup pictures of your wife's pussy and I'll rate them.

    not sure if hairy pussies are your thing but here goes my wifes pussy wet and wet and used