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    Creep shots of wife 😍

    She wanted to help the pool guy
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    Share your favorite 😍 with pics of your hot wife!!!

    Love it when her friend squeezes her butt
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    Wife had a erotic massage

    Got mine a nice professional in rom massage and she was nude - and he oiled her up all over - when he was down near her feet - she pushed her foot into his crotch as a way to let him know she was enjoying it - he was hard by then - he got her all excited and then she asked if she could massage...
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    Show us white hot wifes with their black lovers

    Her massage therapist - she got carried away lol
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    Wedding ring

    with the masseuse - can see ring perfectly
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    Interracial lust

    she loves it from behind - he was a little big for her tho lol
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    Looking for long term trade and chat buddy about wife

    would love to as well - have some great MFM experiences to share
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    In my experience MFM is harder to find than cuckolding

    Yes - agree - it's quite difficult to find the right guy for the right situation - planning it seems like an interview for wife - the aspect of her paying more attention to him is kinda a turn on for me - weird I know
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    BWC for hotwife in Dubai/UAE

    Hi - we are a MWC coming to Dubai in January - will you be around?
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    My husband just loves contrast photoshoots

    I'm a huge fan of contrast pics - and yours are really fantastic! Were you tempted to go further - put him in your mouth or further stimulate him? I assume your husband was the photographer - lucky guy - here is mine with our "model"
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    Your wife/gf can handle bbc? Add her pics

    Mine was sore after this encounter - a little too much for her lol
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    Switching between kissing and sucking

    Great story - we also had thar rule at first - no kissing - I have since told her that it's OK with me but she still reluctant - not sure why - maybe it's too personal for her (weird I know since he's fucking her) - but I have kissed her after she was just sucking the other guy and it was kinda...
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    If you include bbc into your fun

    I've noticed that our favorite black friend who is quite large - does not get fully hard - semi and it works for her to suck him and he cums all over her - he has fucked her too but I did notice he wasn't fully erect - could have been the size I guess but his size makes for good pics
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    share with us pictures of your wife and her bull

    she was playing with his balls to get him to cum in her mouth
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    share with us pictures of your wife and her bull

    my wife favorite friend loves to squeeze her butt - I love watching him do it - she likes it when he slaps his dick on her butt too
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    Sexy Housewives... Waiting on good dick

    waiting for her friend to show up
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    Kiss Wife After BBC?

    The first time I did that - it was by accident - he went to get a condom and me and wife were on the bed after she was sucking him and we kissed deeply and I could taste him on her tongue - really was noticeable - and found that I liked its and have tried a few other times - also when she sucks...
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    Your wifes body in public

    she looks gorgeous! love the outdoor pics of her! Mine loves her pic taken outside - never know who's going to walk by


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