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    Would you watch or join

    O I'M JOINING IN!!!!
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    Really want to give a guy a blowjob while he looks at pictures of my wife

    Trust me it is MORE FUN to blow a guy while he is sucking on her tits and playing with her pussy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Who Likes To Suck Cock?

    My wife and I have been swingers for a long time. Shortly after we first met I told her that I was orally bi and loved sucking guys off and eating creampies with my ex-wife. The night I told her we had some of the best sex! She got so turned on by the idea that she couldn't wait for the first...
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    Would you cum kiss your wife?

    Absolutely! Nothing like having a up close and personal view of him gliding in and out of her!!! Not to mention feeling his balls on my face!!! The best part is when he pulls out after cumming and I get to clean him off and then have her drip in my mouth!!!!!!!
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    Would you cum kiss your wife?

    I love kissing my wife when she has a huge cum load in her mouth!!!! We have a regular couple we play with and he and I are both cum junkies we take turns eating each other's loads out of and off each other's wives. But kissing the wives with a mouth full of cum is so HOT!!!
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    Creampie Cleanup

    I've been in the swinging LS for almost 35 years...been married twice. My current wife loves for me to go down on her after she has been filled with a huge load of cum...mine or anyone else's and trust me I also love doing it! I'll eat cum out of her anytime she get filled!!!!!!
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    Cocksucking in front of the wife

    I love sucking a guys cock clean after he has fucked my wife. The best is after he cums in her she and I both clean him off together!
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    Have you ever let someone cum inside your wife? How was it?

    We wouldn't have it any other way! Sharing the wife with other guys is a huge turn on for both of us. We don't use condoms and sloppy seconds is my favorite thing in the world so it just makes sense for them to finish inside her for us!
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    Wife seeking UNICORN for FMF fantasy...cucks can watch!

    Sadly not yet AND next Friday is his birthday!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Wife seeking UNICORN for FMF fantasy...cucks can watch!

    Hot wife is seeking unicorn or cuck couple to fulfill FMF fantasy for husband. Especially would be great fun to have cuck quietly sit to the side and watch the three of us! Anyone interested in Cambridge, Maryland area?
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    Love sharing HOTWIFE...but...

    Most of the couples we play with on a regular basis don't play alone. As for her girlfriends, none of them know about our kinky lifestyle and would be incredibly freaked out to find out. We have posted ads on swinger sites and get bombarded by single males and a few couples but never the single...
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    Love sharing HOTWIFE...but...

    I absolutely love sharing my hotwife with other males either in a threesome or group setting and have done so for several years now. lately I have been craving the FFM at least situation! We have had the couple swap MANY TIMES and while that is really cool and fun I'm feeling like...
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    MWC in Cambridge, MD seeks female/couple

    MWC seeks single female and/or full swap couple in Cambridge, MD for regular playtime in and out of bedroom. Please be real, local, and ready to play!
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    We are seeking orally bi-males and females for fun and excitement in the Cambridge, MD area! Is there anyone is this armpit ready to play and explore?
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    Between cuckold and stag? Am I the only one?

    I've been in the LS for many many years and I can tell you that labels, while ok for placeholders to clarify, are really in the grand scheme of things and especially in today's ever-changing landscape mean very little. I'm for all purposes am a BULL. BUT! I also like to eat cum, suck dicks, and...
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    Can I be cuck and bull at the same time?

    I can tell you, the OP, I have really NEVER stepped down from my role as a bull even when sharing my wife or GF with another guy(s). I love to watch and share my woman with other men and although have an orally bi side and have absolutely no issues sucking another man's cock during our playtimes...
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    Question for Hubby's? Creampie

    As a really under-the-radar bi-male AND a true BULL...figure that one out! LOL I can tell you my favorite thing is a fresh really full (multiple loads) creampie! That doesn't mean I don't really get off edging a guy several times only to finally feel him blow a huge thick load down my throat. I...


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