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    Is my wife trying to humilate me.

    My advice to you my friend is: first of all give Viagara a go (if you haven't already), try performing cunnilingus on your wife and whilst doing so, use the knuckle of your middle finger to massage her perineum ( that's the area between her pussy and her anus) as she is coming on your tongue...
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    My wife set to fuck my friend

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    The Rating Game

    I don't care if she's 165 she has a body to die for!
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    The Rating Game

    That's a 10/10 from me pal! No doubt at all!
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    Hi from the UK

    Hi Rita, lovely breasts, very, very suckable! I used to live in Speke many years ago, now live in Australia. I do miss the English lassies, would it be too much to ask if you could show us some more of your goodies, Please!
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    Making Reports

    I Absolutely concur with JaknSuz, but I also think she would look even more amazing with her legs wrapped around my neck!
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    HOTwife or just lukewarm

    Very attractive, would be even more so if she'd trim the Muff Fluff!
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    Melbourne Australia here - Any other Aussies here?

    Hi, Barfly, may I ask whereabout do you reside?
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    Melbourne Australia here - Any other Aussies here?

    That's a lovely shot mate, but you should have blanked out the pics on the fridge, they can be enlarged and identified. What suburb are you in? I'm in Sth Gippsland
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    australian wife - any requests for pix?

    Beautiful! and just for me, thank you.
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    australian wife - any requests for pix?

    White panties in a sexy pose please!