1. R

    China Thread

    Based in Beijing. Age 27, Cock 16cm, Banking Industry, Handsome man. Have many overseas experiences. QQ:1148718536
  2. 人无再少年

    Chinese wife in cheongsam

  3. Shhp2021

    31, White Male in China.

    I’m 31 and located in shanghai. White male with decent cock and in shape. Check my profile for pics or pm me. Looking for asian wives/gfs. Send me your pics and I’ll tell you what I’d do to her.
  4. cameranjay

    Chinese and Huge Black Cocks lets get something going here.
  5. White-001.JPG


    What my hot wife will be taking off for her lover this weekend
  6. M

    How a wife became a hotwife : Part 1

    I have always thought of my wife as amazingly sexy and because she had a few lovers before she met me, I have secretly wanted to see her with another man for a very long time. The first time we tried, it was very hot and sexy but also a bit disappointing and we didn't try again for many years...
  7. M

    Found what I was looking for (maybe)

    Hi, This looks like just what I was looking for. My wife is a hot Chinese lady (I am English) and she has had several lovers. I have been looking for a place to share our experiences and our photos and this looks great from what I have seen. I haven't got time to post more right now but I...