Hi all,
This is one of wife's dates with her lover brief story, for u who doesnt know, we r 40 m, 38 f married since 2003, together since 2000, and into cuckolding life style since 2010.
Before a couple of weeks (not sure about the date) my wife was chatting with one of her bulls, didnt see for a while he was out of town for work, during thier whatapp chat, i noticed she started getting horny, i asked, weather she is going to meet him, she immediately said yes, as usual i said ok but let him take care of u, she jumped to dress, and forwarded this part of thier chat to me,
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I got hot seeing her sexy and on the door she gave me that flying kiss, telling me to wait for the photos, and not to sleep ,because i have to clean her after she comes.
After about one and half hour she sent me these photos, which i have posted some on here on photos section, the follong photos r from her bull's place.
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All was horny, then she sent me this photo, with note saying this how real men looks like).
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I was so excited, then her mobile phone was switched off for about 3 hours, late at night she came, took my hand to bedroom, took panties down saying, clean this mess now.


nice storie and hot photo...wish if you can continue the storie how messies was her pussy ...what did you get from the cleaning...and if you can add come photo of her mess pussy before & after.

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Sep 27, 2016
West Tennessee
Yeah that is flaccid. Every Hotwife I've been with loves it. More so because I know how to use it. Most commented quote is that they say it is "perfect." I love it when they tell me how much they love it as I'm working them over.
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