Any pregnancies?


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Aug 25, 2020
My wifes multiple cock breeding adventure that lasts over 3 days adventure PART 1 of 3... My wife and I used to have an apprentice that I employed to assist w/my small plumbing business come over for dinner.We were in our early
30's,30 yrs old to be precise.My apprentice and I got home from a long extremely hot 104 degree day from work,and my wife didn't get home for around 3 hours later.Back then my wife used to bartend at a strip club in Columbus Ohio,and through the years she had quite a few men that were regulars.So back then she
had several regs that she would stop by and visit on the way home and hang out for an hour with for a little extra $ giving them a private show.That night she stopped by 2 different regs and gave them a private show each of them sooo special,and little did we know that it impacted our sex lives for years to come!My wife
and I used to party a little bit back then and she ended up a little stoned and was super horny.We always talked about her sucking and fucking the guys (regulars)to spice up our sex lives,but she never acted.She called me from the 1st regs place and told me she was letting him finger her pussy,and had me on speaker talking to me with his cock in her hand.She asked me if it was ok w/him fingering her pussy(telling me that he started w/1 finger in her tight hole),and within 5 minutes he had 3 fingers digging deep in her cunt.With the phone on speaker I heard her moan louder,louder,then shriek out w/a light vibrating vocal scream!She kept saying I'm cumming-I'm cumming-I;m cumming for like 4-5 minutes straight and the whole time I could hear her sloshing of her pussy!Then I heard her beg me to let her grab his cock and make him cum.She was hesitant at 1st by saying she would just jerk his cock and have him cover her tits w/his cum.All the time worrying what I'd think,but suddenly she begged me to let her suck his cock and swallow his cum while he then had a 4th finger forcing her then tight cunt to take all 4 w/ease eventually.I said that I wasn't the only one listening to her on speaker,my apprentice was too!She told me how big his cock was jerking his long limp cock as she moaned louder and louder telling me his cock was as long as a black dildo we purchased,and was as thick as her thigh!Well our dildo we have is around 12"by 4." thick!Once she went from just jerkn it to working her tongue and mouth on it ,she yelled i'm cumming fucking again,and I could hear him say let me put in my fist (the whole time he was pumping 4 then 5 fingers in ,then his fist)and the whole time again she came over and over for 5 minutes
or more!I heard the thrusting ,pics in my mind were running ramped.All of a sudden I heard her yell in orgasm baby(talking to me)I want to have him up in my pussy,cause his cock is swelled up as thick as a fucking 2 liter!Baby,oh baby,hubby ,it's the fucking size of my fucking arm!I said if I let you,you have to let his seed shoot up in your cunt and not let him wear a condom,or pull out!He said in the speaker panting as he flipped my wife on all fours,"don't worry S'----s hubby I've never been able to get any condoms to fit,none ever cause of how fat my cock is".Then as his cock replaced his fist,I heard a ooooouuuccchhh.My wife said force it in,hurt my pussy if u have tooo!From both of them moaning as he worked the huge head of his cock finally in all the way,and was finally pumping in and out deeper,deeper,deeper each time.Finally I heard his balls slapping her ass after each thrust.Multiple times the wife yelled I'm cumming ,I'm cumming,and she also said I'm squirting again,as she came again!She was fuckd for around 1 hour and half until finally I heard him start to moan followed by her saying baby cum,baby cummmmmmmm-innnnnnnn-mmmmmeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!I even heard her saying,"I'want you to fill me up,nooooowwwwwww!"He grunted and yelled here it comes baby,heeerrrrreeeeee,(smack-smack-then one last smack I could hear w/his balls then his 6'4,280lb. body ram her loud as hell against her),she screamed so loud and such a long scream!Then he also yelled NOOOOOWWWWWWW!She was so filled up w/his seed to the rim,and he pullsated up throbbing twitch after twitch huge loads of the stickiest,gooeyiest,cum in her womb that his cum literally stayed in her pussy for a solid week!Why he was still pressed against her w/his cock still up in her,he said I fucked u better than u have been fuckd in a while huh.She,said yeah until I get home to my hubby and fuck his and his coworkers brains out! My apprentice being a virgin,and just turned 18 yrs. old face turned red.I said hell yeah,lets fuck!Get the hell home!It's been way past the time anyway.What was only 1-1.5 hrs. at her stop,turned into almost 4 hrs.+ myself telling her.The whole time myself and my app watched home videos of my wife fucking,and my apprentice walked to the bathroom 2 times.I could see his bulge pressing against his pants zipper,and when back from the bathroom wet cum stains on the front zipper and surrounding the front of his pants.... CONT>>>>>>
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Feb 26, 2018
Have often wished that my wife in her younger days, would have thrown out her birth control pills and allowed her boyfriend let nature take its course. Had he pushed the issue further, I'm almost certain she would have because she could never say no to him.
Sep 7, 2020
my ex wife asked me to invite a friend into our bedroom ( I wanted it too) she said he had to wear a condom. I wanted him unload in her bare. So she had me put the condom on him, I put it on just over his dick head knowing it would come off. So he screwed her and she felt it when he came. She asked "what if I get pregnant", I told her that was the plan. She went bare many times thereafter.We met another guy and the first time he did her , we he hit the bullseye. knocked her up.


Nov 22, 2017
It’s more of a fantasy than a reality for most people.
I definitely like the Fantasy and pretending. Talking about it during sex etc.


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Sep 13, 2020
My wife and I have been talking about her going off of birth control and just going with the risk of it and see what happens.
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Apr 25, 2020
it's so much hotter fucking bareback my husband and I had a rule but started letting my bull fuck me without one and now I love it and don't want to make him use one but hubby wants us to be safe....
what to do what to do???
You should come let me play with those gorgeous breasts and let it be a surprise for your husband when I get you pregnant.
Jun 18, 2019
it's so much hotter fucking bareback my husband and I had a rule but started letting my bull fuck me without one and now I love it and don't want to make him use one but hubby wants us to be safe....
what to do what to do???
Obviously better if hub knows, but ...

When you get pregnant by the Bull, make sure hub fucks you a couple of times as soon as you know. Rubbers sometimes have leaks.