Anyone done anthing besides cuckold

Level of naughty

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Apr 27, 2017
I chose both Public Sex and Other. You need more catigories.

I am into public sex but my wife is not. I am the only one that was allowed to watch her get fucked.
I am into her Pulling A Train, but again she won't. She will do multiple guys in one day, but only at different times through out the day.
We are both into Pregnancy Risk, and practiced unprotected sex with all her partners for about 25 years.
We were both, for a short time, into her being bred by a stranger. We didn't even want to know his name. We are now glad that one failed.
For about 4 years we were into Rape Play. For a short time, she actually wanted to get raped, and even put herself into risky situations. Finally realized how dangerous that was and stopped.

I agree with the need for more categories. I also chose public sex and other.

We started out going to nude beaches and doing some MFM 3-somes. I chose public sex because we have played alot on the nude beaches. Several years ago Ann got really wild at a motorcycle rally and had her first experience with a group of guys. We attend several rallies every year and it is very easy for Ann to find a group of friends camping together that are looking for some action. Since that first group experience she almost always chooses a group of guys over one guy for a 3-some when she has that option. It works out well for me because I love seeing her playing with groups of men. When we have a great time with a group of guys at a rally, that rally goes to the top of the list for a re-visit the next year. We now go to several rallies a year where we meet groups from previous years but it is always a little more exciting when she finds a new group.

I guess it's kinda obvious that groups are our biggest kink, that should definitely be a category option!
Mar 25, 2018
I agree bikerbill, I liked having my wife get naked in public, like a hotel hallway or in the window. Also I find it interesting how she originally was intimidated my more than 2 guys at once, but after doing it we almost exclusively did groups