at what age?


Dec 14, 2019
Aurora, Illinois
Robin told me about the times when there were 4 boys from her school that used to harass her. These were like really bad guys, like ending up in prison later in life bad. She was about 15-16 and she walked home from school on a path through a wooded area. They would wait for her and jump out, she said they would stand and hold her up against a tree, one of the “leaders” would pull her top up and grab her tits and nipples, he’d pull her pants down or lift her skirt up, and each one would take turns touching her tits and fingering her pussy. At first they even made her younger brother who was just a little kid, maybe 8 years old at most, finger her! They would threaten her if she ever told anyone, that they would hurt her little brother. She was very protective over her brother, but I’ve always had a strange feeling that she actually kind of enjoyed it, at least in the beginning. Why else would she continue to go home that way amongst other things? She eventually told me about the time they went too far. She was at home alone babysitting her brother while her parents had went out one night. Well the guys found out about it and went over to her house once it was dark enough. She said there was 5 guys and they were trying to get inside the house and saying what they were going to do to her and beat up her brother. She was so scared about what they might do to him, they told her if she came outside, they wouldn’t touch or hurt her brother. She finally went outside and they grabbed her and took her to the side of the house, it was darker there. After making her lay down they told her to take off all her clothes and when she wouldn’t, they forced them off and had her down to just her panties. The “leader” then told her to suck one of the more shy guys cock while they all watched. She refused and even the boy didn’t want to go through with it, he was scared. She said she remembered looking towards the house and seeing her little brother right there looking out the window and watching. They also noticed him and told her if she didn’t take off her panties and suck their cocks, they would hurt her brother. They started telling her brother to come on outside, she started screaming at him to stay in the house and don’t unlock the door. He didn’t know what to do and didn’t fully understand what was really going on. I can’t remember if she took her own panties off or they did, I wanna say she did to keep her brother safe. They started forcing and threatening more aggressively for her to suck a cock. One of the younger boys blew his load just from her touching him. Most of them were either too shy or too scared to even pull their cocks out. She just kept trying to get away but ended up with them having her spread eagle with each guy holding down her hands and legs! All she could see was her brother still staring at her right outside the window, only feet away. The main guy picked up a stick and started poking her with it, he was also pinching her nipples really hard making her yell but nobody could hear, except her brother! They stuck the stick in her pussy a little bit and then started using it as a whip and began whipping her young virgin tits and pussy! She was crying and screaming and she said that suddenly her little brother came running outside to try and help her! There wasn’t anything physically he could do, but he didn’t like what they were doing at all. She said she remembers her brother just standing there staring at her, looking at her, almost inspecting her fully spread eagle, completely naked body. They played around with her for a little while, she said she just decided to kind of block out what they were doing and that it was easier to just go along with it and get it over with. She told me that it was like the more she didn’t fight, the less fun it was for them, especially the “leader”. Things suddenly went to another level when he told her to suck her own brothers dick! She immediately refused and told them, if they’d stop now, she wouldn’t tell anyone about what had just happened! He told her if she didn’t do it, they were going to seriously hurt her baby brother, and she certainly believed them, the whole family had a nasty reputation within the entire town! She said they told her brother to pull down his pants, which he did somewhat but they made him take them completely off. She said she tried to beg them to stop, but they didn’t and she remembers her brother acting like he actually wanted her to do it. She said she would as long as they promised they’d never hurt him, ever! She told me that her little brother even had a hard on and that after they let her go, she got up on her knees and they moved him close and she started sucking her very own little brothers cock! She stopped after maybe 30 seconds or so and said they were all just standing there, like in shock at what they had just watched! Now they were all like in a frenzy and she got really scared, she was afraid they were all going to rape her! The main boy then told her little brother, to put his dick in his sisters pussy!! She started to fight back but once again, they held her down on the grass and spread her legs apart. She said she stopped fighting and just chose to try and block everything out and hopefully this will all be over soon! She said she could feel her legs being spread farther apart, then she could hear what they were saying and telling him to do. Her brother did everything they were telling him to do, almost like he had wanted to. After some touching first, they made him stick his little fingers inside his big sisters young pussy. She said after that happened, she then felt her little brothers body moving between her open legs and then against the top of her thin inner thighs, she just laid there, waiting for it. She said when she first felt his cock come into contact with her, she jumped and quickly opened her eyes, and the first and only thing she seen, was the look on her little baby brothers face! She had hoped that it might have been one of the other guys, now she knew for sure.. Her parents finally came home and everyone scattered quickly! She ran in the house and to her room crying, she never told her parents what had happened and she and her brother never spoke about it. As the years went by, she had always hoped that he had never remembered it! About 7 years ago, she was going for some counseling and therapy and finally decided to ask him to go with her. She brought up that moment to him and to this day, I have no idea what was ever said, and I’ve never asked..
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