Chat, fantasize, dirty talk, role play with me about my wife.

Aug 8, 2018
I am a cuckold hubby from India.

I like watching my wife dress like a slut in front of guys.
Fact is, she willingly does this…
Especially if she likes the guy
Or if she is horny.

I am looking for..
Chat, fantasizing, dirty talk
And even role play
About my wife.

Am not seeking to share pix…
So don’t ask.

Am not interested in rude and dominating guys.

Am also not seeking meetup…
Unless things work between us…
Over a period of time.

I am keen on doing this via email only.

PM me if you are interested.

No cam shows, No video calls,
No Skype, No cell, No WhatsApp,
No Kik, No messenger, No hangout, etc!
No pix sharing of my wife,
No rude messages,
No meetups
(Unless, you and I gel very well…
After a long long time…
And my wife and I decide we are willing to meet you!)

Contact will be via email only…
Not anywhere else.