Cuckold Humilation Ideas 2


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Aug 4, 2016
Cuckold husband humiliations:

56. Fuck bikers, truckers and cops.

57. Tell your husband you’d like to get pregnant by another man.

58. Get pregnant by another man.

59. Suck off a man in front of your husband and spit the cum in your husband’s mouth.

60. Go to XXX adult video booths and suck dicks through glory holes.

61. Make your husband suck your lovers dick.

62. Make your husband lick your lovers asshole.

63. Make your husband take your lovers dick up the ass.

64. Make your husband wear women’s clothing, make up and a wig.

65. Make your husband clean the house while you’re out fucking other men.

66. Make your husband baby sit your lover’s children while you got out with your lover.

67. Make your husband wash and wax your lover’s car while you fuck in your bed.

68. Make your husband go to your lover’s house and mow, paint, do other chores while you fuck in your bed.

69. Make your husband get a “Cuckold” tattoo.

70. You and your lover escort your husband to the clinic for a vasectomy and you both watch while it is done.

71. Make your husband work more overtime while you go out.

72. Make your husband pick out and pay for gifts for your lovers.

73. Make your husband ask your lovers to fuck you.

74. Make fun of your husbands dick in front of your lovers and your husband.

75. Deride, insult, and name call your husband in front of him and your lovers.

76. Have your lovers humiliate your husband.

77. Have your lovers slap your husband.

78. Teach your daughters to have sex with your lovers.

79. Teach your daughters to humiliate their father.

80. Go out looking for men with your daughters.

81. Piss on your husband right before you leave for a date.

82. Shit on your husband right before you leave for a date.

83. Deny your husband sex for long periods of time.

84. Deny your husband all sex, even masturbation.

85. Allow your husband only masturbation.

86. Let a big dog fuck your husband.

87. Walk around your house naked but deny your husband sex.

88. Watch porn movies but masturbate but deny your husband sex.

89. Masturbate in front of your husband while you tell him the details of your sex with others.

90. Bring home used condoms and give them to your husband.

91. Wear all jewelry, clothes given to you by your lovers.

92. Have your lover’s call you at home and ask for you when your husband answers.

93. Let your lovers use your husband’s prize possessions i.e. boat, motorcycle, guns, computers, car/truck, etc. anytime they want.

94. Leave notes for your husband telling him your out on a date and for him to clean the house, wash the car, do chores etc.

95. Call your lovers in front of your husband just to flirt, chat and make dates.

96. Make your husband buy all of your condoms and lube.

97. Make your husband pay for all items and services related to your fucking other men.

98. Make your husband lick out cum from your pussy and ass.

99. Make your husband lick off any pussy juice and cum from your lovers dick.

100. Make your husband suck your lovers dick into a hard on so your lover can fuck your again.

101. Make your husband guide your lovers dick into your pussy and ass.

102. Make your husband lie under the bed while you fuck your lovers.

103. Tell your girlfriends your husband is a cuckold and you cheat on him a lot.

104. Tell your mother.

105. Tell HIS mother.

106. Find girlfriends you like to go out with that hate your husband.

107. Make your husband buy you sex toys.

108. When out buying slut clothes, take your husband with you and make it clear to the sales staff that the clothes will be worn for other men, not your husband. Say things like, “Oh! He’ll love this!” Or, “Mmm, I know I can pick up a lot guys with that!”

109. Fall in love with another man.

110. Tell your lover you love him in front of your husband.

111. Have a second marriage ceremony with all your closest friends that know you’re a slut, remove the ring given to you by your husband and wear the ring given to you by your lover. Make your husband the ring bearer and an usher and leave for a honeymoon financed by your husband. Hell, take the kids.

112. Same as above but leave the kids for hubby to take care of.

113. Take photos and video of your husband sucking dicks and getting assfucked by lots of other men, then store them securely and threaten to use them in court if you ever need them.

114. Flirt and kiss other men when you are out.

115. Always let other men pay for your drinks when you are out.

116. Show your husband phone nr from other men.

117. Always dress you self like a slut when you are in other mens company.

118 You and your lover, use the mouth of your huby like an ashtray after you made love with your lover.

119. get rid of all the toilet paper in the house. in the morning when bull has to dump a load, have him drag sissy into the toilet on all fours. while bull does his buisness, sissy cleans off bull’s feet. then bull turns around and grabs sissy’s head and forces him to use his tongue as toilet paper. there is nothing more humiliating than having to clean shit off a big hairy bull asshole. and then having to thank him for the honor. repeat this every day.

120. have your lover bring his buddies over for a football game. sissy will serve them beer and they won’t even have to get up to go piss. all they have to do is snap their fingers and sissy scurries over on all fours, opens his mouth and drinks all their piss. hope for overtime so that sissy can drink piss all night long

121. After a lot of heavy sex in the bedroom, with the cuck being denied watching, tell him you feel sorry for him and tell him he can join you “for a few lines.

When the little bitch starts looking around for his “lines”,hot wife opens her thighs and shows fluff boy lines of cum dribbling out of pussy and ass. The bull will then force the poor cuck to snort that nasty stuff up using his faggot (brown!) nose.

122. Whenever you go away on a trip alone have your husband pack condoms and toys in your suitcase. Wonder aloud whether or not there are enough condoms. Then ask your husband if he thinks he should go to the store and buy more or risk having you run out.

123. When your lover is over, send cuckold to bed early (like 8:00) so you can have some privacy with your lover.

124. Threaten to give him a bare bottom spanking in front of your lover if he comes out of his bedroom before morning.

125. Follow through on the above threat. While spanking his bare butt, lecture him about how you deserve a good fucking from a real man and you are not going to tolerate him interrupting that.

126. When slut wife comes in from a date drunk she should piss on the carpet in the middle of the room and make the cuck clean it up, while he is cleaning it up she should tell him all about her date.

Cuckold husband humiliation in front of your lover!

Cuckold humiliation 1: Make him guide your lovers’ cock into you.

Cuckold humiliation 2:

Make your slave husband jerk your lovers’ cock. It has to be real hard for you!

Cuckold humiliation 3:

Make your cuckold lick your ass while getting fucked. Fart in his mouth if you can.

Cuckold humiliation 4:

Make him lick your lovers’ ass crack. Make fun of him.

Cuckold humiliation 5:

Make him lick balls. He has to beg for the privilege first.