Dec 4, 2018
United states new Jersey
I live way up in Vancouver British Columbia and during the summer I really love to enjoy the sun by nude sunbathing. Little did I know that my son and his friends would be spying on me from the second story windows and taking pictures of me completely naked. The only reason I found out is because when I was cleaning my son's bedroom he had left his computer on and I discovered a file that was labeled MOM. I clicked on the file and when it opened I couldn't believe my eyes. There were hundreds of nude pictures and videos of me in the backyard by the pool sunbathing naked. Looking at the pictures I saw that the time stamp on the pictures were taken when he was supposed to be in school. I would never sunbath nude while he was around but believing he was in school was the time I would sunbath. I was so embarrassed and ashamed that I was totally exposed to my teenage son. As I continued to look through his computer I discovered that he was sending emails to his friends with my nude pictures attached. At first I was furious at him for violating my privacy but a few days later and a lot of thinking I found myself kinda flattered that my own son finds me attractive enough to want to see me naked. I found myself getting excited by the fact that I was a sexy woman to him. OMG now I was having fantasies about my son. The next time I was sunbathing I peeked up at the window and I could kinda see the curtains move. I got a idea that he was masturbating looking at me so I got up and took a swim in the pool. When I got out of the pool I walked very slowly back to the lounge chair and turned it a little more towards the house. As I was lying there I would see the curtains moving and that's when I thought I was going to give him what he really wants. I slowly opened up my legs so he could have a perfect view of my vagina. I keep my pubic hair completely shaved except for a racing stripe so he was able to see all of my exposed crotch. Then I took some lotion and applied it over my boob's and my legs even rubbing some into my crotch area. I could see the curtains were pulled back and my son was standing there shaking like a leaf because I think he was masturbating that's when I decided to let him know I knew what he was doing so I stood up and looked right up to the window and smiled at him as I picked up my towel and rapped it around my body


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Nov 9, 2018
I want to be your son best friend and study together .....or if you have another room I can study by myself ... you're a hot sexy mom