Have you ever let someone cum inside your wife? How was it?


Mar 14, 2023
Yes, all the partners I have ever swung with and the feeling is great. If its done infront of you it is an amazing rush as the guy fucking your loved one suddenly pushes hard into her then stiffens as he let's out a grunt or groans and you know he is filling her up. I usually go straight into her afterwards as the pussy is all hot and sticky, but I don't usually last long.
Then there is the one where your partner is being fucked without your presence and she comes home full of cum, now that one is REALLY hot.
One of my favorites was when my exwife used go to parties or meets and we would get separated. I would be looking for her in great anticipation knowing she would be fucking some guy or guys. When we met up she would tell me all about it as we fucked
Exwife and exgf
what an amazing lady love her ass


Jun 23, 2022
Halifax, NC, USA
From Abby’s ex lover. Somewhere I have a short video they sent me in which she she can be heard saying “ cum inside me, please, cum inside me”. The pics where taken after.
An hour later, she was back home in our bed, telling me most of the details. Her pussy was swollen from the excitement and so wet and slippery. Abby’s juices and his mixed together made for some of the hottest pussy I’ve ever had. I’m getting hard just thinking about those sloppy seconds.
What a beautiful sight!
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Dec 6, 2022
After I watch a guy with a good, hard dick fuck my wife in differnt positions, and hear her moaning (and cuming) - and then the guy cums deep inside her - I can't wait to stick my cock in her hot, wet, cum filled pussy - and I cum in seconds.
YES! She is extra warm and wet from his slippery cum and loose. Knowing that another man has just put his sperm in her bare pussy has me cuming instantly.


Oct 3, 2021
What most people think when i talk about sharing my wife:
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What some bold people think about when i talk about sharing:
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What i trully mean when i say that i want to share my wife with someone else:
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I mean, i would not share her with some stranger, but you can bet that if i shared her with you and if i trust you enough to put you dick inside her, then i would trust you enough to cum really hard as much inside her as you could get. Not only that, but you would be obliged to do it very deep inside her.

Has anyone here let someone cum inside your wife? How whas the experience?
Yes. It is only one guy (her ex) she lets cum in her and it’s very exciting to watch. It’s even hot when she meets him alone and comes home afterwards.


Aug 8, 2021
Savannah, GA
In my 20’s I’ve joined a few couples. A majority of them were white and it was a must to cum in the wives. I had this one couple were the husband would let me come threw for some of his wife’s afternoon delight and on one occasion he demanded her to make me cum in her. He wanted her to put her panties back on after without peeing and pushing it out. He wanted the crouch of her panties soaked in my jizz for him when he got home.
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Jun 23, 2022
My wife’s last Bull filled her w cum every time he fucked her! He could go forever and would fill her multiple times a night. She would scream on his cock. I wasn’t allowed to which made it hotter and sex w me she is silent. We’re currently living vanilla life but she rarely fucks me. I have a 4 inch thin dick. He rocked 8 thick. She says she can’t feel me so it’s pointless.