My 28yo Half Vietnamese Half Chinese Wife...

I've heard from people that my newly married wife used to be (may still is) a dirty slut... Is she?

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Feb 3, 2016
Hello everyone,

I'm completely new to this board and this is my very first post, hope to receive some feedback from you all.

This is Jasmine, my wife of a couple of months. She's 28 years old, half Vietnamese half Chinese. She was born in Asia but grew up in Europe. We got married after about a year of dating.

More about me and my wife here:


Jasmine is quite of an attention whore, she likes to wear sexy provocative clothes, she likes to flirt, she likes to tease, she likes attention from guys. That's how she is but so far I'm cool with it because I myself like to show her off, I enjoy watching guys checking her out and trying to get her attention.


Recently after the marriage, I have discovered/heard from others/been told by others lots of dirty stuff about my newly married wife. Apparently she used to be (still is?) a real big slut!


I'm curious to know what you guys think about Jasmine. Please, share your thoughts...