My expert of cuckholding her husband

Feb 19, 2022
So this goes way back to 2001-2004 when I ended the situation but I was 25 and just getting divorced. I’d met a married Canadian lady in online gaming and what started out as a friendship turned into sexting (I was U.K. based at the time)

She was married to a rich and talented guy but he was utterly selfish in bed and she wanted a conversation beyond just sports and beer. She was ripe to have a romance and there we were.

After a few months she surprised me by saying she’d told her husband about my divorce. He’d been sorry her close online friend was going through such a thing and she’d managed to convince him to pay for my flight, a road trip for just us two and then to have two weeks with them in their home. As she ran the finances it was easy to book only one room for us and we spent a month talking about what we’d do.

Because he was always so selfish she never felt she wanted to suck his cock and as he was her only ever lover, she’d never done it. I slowly persuaded her she could practice on me when I was with her.

On the first night of the road trip I had already enjoyed his wife’s pissy and she was stunned that sex could last more than a minute. The fact he’d unwittingly paid for me to come over and pleasure his wife made it all the sweeter.

I told her that I wanted her to practice sucking but before she did she was to call her husband and out him on speaker . She kept him talking and I talked to him as well, whilst she softly unbuttoned my jeans and gave me what she’d refused him in all their 10 years of marriage.

As she sucked me I thanked him for providing the trip and said his wife had made me feel very welcome . The danger thrill of involving him on the phone really turned us both on.

During my stay at their house we touched and fucked as much as possible. He worked most days so we just used his bed openly but at night we touched or played when he went to shower or the toilet. Once in their hot tub he was chatting to me for about 30 minutes, unaware I was fingering his wife under the water. I had to go very slowly so he didn’t suspect but she managed to orgasm, something she never could do with him , and she kept her face straight enough to get away with it.

I loved my cuckholding experiences with her and would love to have more someday .