My real stories (pics just as an illustration not from the stories)

In this thread I will post only short stories and descriptions of recent events, adventures and sexperiences that I have with little or more details. Anyone who wants and has the pleasure can read my stories on my blog in Chrome with Google translate. In time, I will also post the English version on my blog. I decided with my husband not to post any pictures or videos, only what is already on certain porn sites, I found many pictures and videos posted on paid sites through which others make money from us and this it's our choice.

Here are some bits:

Slut Hotwife (about me)
Loss of virginity (June 1986)
The escort (September 1991)
Perversions (July 1999)

and some of my other threads:

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Feb 13, 2021

Loss of virginity (June 1986)​

(part two)

Later, after I came out of the shower, completely naked and hot, I sat on the bed in his room, wasting my time thinking about the pleasures I had a few minutes ago, just so my time would pass. I sat more comfortably on my back, my head resting on the pillow and my knees bent. I left my hands free next to my body. I closed my eyes and tried to breathe regularly, focusing on the magical moments offered by my brother and nothing else ...

After taking a shower, he entered the room naked and sat down next to me. We looked at each other and it was as if we knew he still wanted to make love. I approach him and take him in my arms. I feel his body warm and fine. He runs his fingers up and down my arm. I feel tingling on my skin. He takes my face in his hands and kisses me slowly. He puts his tongue in my mouth and rotates it around my tongue. I feel the heat of his tongue which then passes over my lower lip and breathes hot and humid air on me ... we exchange a lot of saliva and suck each other's tongues. It excites me, I warm myself inside, and the heat finally gathers in my belly ...

- I want cunilingus, lick my pussy eager for you!

He descends with his lip on his jaw, neck and chest slowly, inch by inch. He wraps his left breast around my lips and continues to kiss me a few times, each time approaching the nipple a little. She's so warm. He also touches my nipple a few times with his lips, then he squeezes it between them and pulls me lightly ... It makes me startle and tremble a little, and then the sensation goes down, passes through my belly and I feel it directly in my clitoris. I was getting more and more aroused ... Opens his mouth and touches me with his tongue fixed in the middle of the nipple, continues to lick me up and down, moving with the movements from left to right, and then he pulls out her tongue completely and rubs my nipple with her back. .. This sensation reaches again, fixed in the clitoris, I feel for a few seconds warmth and pleasure there. She was starting to feel very well. I feel a few more touches with the tips of his tongue on my hardened nipples, from outside to inside at an accelerated pace, then lick well and pressed. And this causes me a wave of pleasure all over my body, up to my toes and intense in the pussy that bites with excitement. We tremble a little and try not to moan too much. It's enough to make me lose a lot of control, to forget the reality and to hear as in a dream the muted music in the room.

- Lick me once, don't torment me because I can't take it anymore!

I have an intense pleasure and I struggle a little. I totally break with reality, time loses its significance. The pleasure spreads in my body, up to my fingertips. He runs his tongue down his abdomen to his navel and tells me to spread my legs. I sit on the edge of the bed, my legs spread and bent towards me, then I stick my heels to the strip of the bed. He sits on his knees in front of me, bends down and licks me starting almost below the knee, then climbs slowly on my thigh, hip and pubic hair. Do the same with the other leg, and slower this time. I started to writhing. My legs tremble with pleasure and it becomes difficult to keep my knees in the air. So I put them down, one on the left and the other on the right. I was gasping, and my tension had risen considerably. I could hear my heart pounding. He slowly licks my clit up and down with the tip of his tongue, in an insanely slow rhythm, getting tighter and tighter. Move from left to right, and then insist even more in the middle. Slowly, I couldn't resist. Then gently takes him between her lips, and lets him escape, then kisses him loudly. He takes it between his lips once more, squeezes it lightly, pulls it a little and lets it escape again. And once again he takes my careful clitoris between his lips, holds it a little and then lets it drain between them. Repeat this a few more times, letting my clit slide out of his mouth in the most excruciating way, so that I could feel his full fleshy lips. I was moaning pretty loudly. We have no condition at all and we are all shaking. I was super excited and I felt like I was losing my mind if it continued like this, but I didn't even want it to stop.

- God, how much can I love you and want you!

He continues to lick my clit, takes it between his lips and squeezes it lightly. I tense up and arch my back a little. He loosens the grip and then squeezes me even harder, after a few seconds and harder than the first two times. I clench my blanket on the bed and try to get up on the pillow. An accidental contraction of the pelvic muscles causes a dizzying orgasm. I let out a scream and lay down on the bed where I remained. I was shaking all over and my pleasure had completely enveloped me. Shivering spread from my pussy to my toes. I felt an intense pleasure in my clitoris. I tried my best not to be too noisy. It was so good. I continued to tremble without knowing myself, with a feeling of well-being all over my body. Then I tried to sit more comfortably on the bed. He put two fingers in my vagina and massaged my clit with another. A new wave of orgasm swept over me. I arch my back and left the blanket on the bed in my fists. It was insanely pleasant and I was shaking like hell. I could feel my clit clenching and the pleasure spreading from there all over my body. In a short time I felt another wave of pleasure that reached to my fingertips. At the end a feeling of ecstasy filled me inside, all over my body. When I began to return to Earth, I realized how much I was panting. I tried to calm my breathing. The feeling of softness, the tingling in his hands and feet felt extraordinary. He started licking the orgasmic fluid dripping from my pussy, as if I had ejaculated, that moment had been so pleasant and intense. I was like a jelly, I stretched out and touched his cheek with my fingertips. He intertwined his fingers with mine and I pulled him close to me. We were close to each other, we could feel his breath, his smell was still crazy. He released my hands and hugged my face, kissing me on the lips. I looked for his erect penis with my hand.

- I really need you, I whispered, you opened the Pandora's box, I want you in me.

After I recovered a little, I lowered myself and covered his cuck with my mouth, he let out a moan full of eroticism. I squeezed it lightly, it was hard as stone and hot. I began to move my lips from root to tip, feeling me tremble beneath me. I started to shake my head. His cuck seemed to lengthen and thicken more and more. I clung tightly to his thighs, caressing him insanely with my lips and tongue. I took his testicles in my hand, stroking them lightly, feeling them tighten and retract. Then he grabbed my head, holding it still and taking control, it penetrated deep into my mouth, it pushed deeper and deeper into my throat, and his penis jerked with pleasure. His body trembled, pleasure flooded his senses, I raised and lowered my head as I offered him pleasure, rubbing it with one hand and sucking it with my greedy mouth, thick veins pierced his penis and I ran over them with my tongue caressing each one. I caught his cock head in my mouth again, sucking hard, the jets of semen being less abundant I swallowed easily, he went crazy with pleasure sinking deeper and deeper in my throat and through him flowed the last drop of semen. I licked it to clean it well. He bent down and kissed me eagerly.

- You're amazing, he told me. I didn't think you'd like it that much.

- I love to suck you, I want to be the perfect mistress that every man dreams of ...

I smoked a cigarette, I looked at him and I was thinking about what will happen next ... what other surprises will he offer me? After a few minutes he left me. He got out of bed and went straight to the bedside table, without saying anything, took something and then went back to bed. He had thrown a condom and a small tube near me, which looked like a cream. I didn't understand why, until that moment he fuck me unprotected, I didn't want a condom. I wanted to ask him, but I would find out later what he needed. He didn't even tell me when he turned me upside down. He just put a pillow under my abdomen, my ass was higher ...mmm... it must be something very pleasant like that ... I thought he would get on me right away, but he didn't. He grabbed my buttocks with his hands, pulled them to the side, then stuck his tongue inside my ass... aaahh ... I had no idea if what I was doing was right, but I felt I had to push myself into it, to make him enter in me more and more. He climbed on top of me, with both hands I grabbed the sheet and held it tight. He adjusted his cuck which was still hard, I felt his tip touch my lips ... he entered ... aahhh... it was very pleasant. He leaned over me, almost with all his weight. It moves more slowly at first, after less than a minute, the movements become more energetic. It hit my buttocks hard. I could feel his heavy breathing in my ear. I really liked the way he gasped close to my ear. He stretched out his arms in front of me and grabbed my hands. Our fingers were clenched, we were squeezing hard, and the movements were very fast. There were noises from the two bodies hitting hard. After a while it stopped deep in my pussy. I could feel his cock throbbing with pleasure in me, every time I sighed. He came out of my pussy, I thought another position was coming. He took another pillow and placed it under me. Now I had my ass even higher. I saw him take the condom and take it out of the package and he put it on his cuck,

- Trust me! I won't do you any harm, I promise!

Only then I understand what was going to happen. His voice seemed to calm me down. I was pulling hard on the sheet ... I was pulling air in my chest. His finger touched my ass. I instinctively tensed, squeezing my buttocks tightly. He bent down and bit me, then told me...

- Relax and it will be fine ...

Something cold touched my ass ... it was the cream in that tube. With his finger he massaged the whole area ... aahhh ... I liked the feeling. Later, the finger entered in my ass. It was a new sensation. It moves him very slowly in me. Take it out a few times to add more cream. He had entered me again ... ahhh ... this time his finger slid easier. Later he introduced the second one ... aahh ... I felt a slight discomfort. As he moved them, that discomfort was lost. I was used to his fingers, now I had emotions when it will completely enter me. The tip of his cock touched my ass ... I was trying to relax, but my instinct was to tense up. He pushed ... aahh... very slowly ... I think he had entered very little, then stopped. That discomfort was present again, this time a little harder. He leaned over me, pushed lightly ... mmmm ... then stopped. Only then did I realize that he had already penetrated my ass with his whole cock, when I felt him clinging to my buttocks. He sat like that for a few moments, my muscles relaxed ... he felt that too. He withdrew, but came back ... after a few movements, his cuck slid almost the entire length in my ass ... aahh ...

He was right he didn't want to hurt me. I trusted him and he deserved it. The pleasure I felt was very different and I had also started to like ass fucking. The movements became much wider. Suddenly the thought flashed through me that he could move as fast as before in the vagina, and for that I was a little worried. The fears dissipated fairly quickly. The quick moves came as I had anticipated, but there was no discomfort. After a while, it quickly fuck my ass, hitting hard making me moan with pleasure. He came out, stepped aside, turned my head toward him, pulled out the condom, and threw him on the floor. He grabbed my arm and turned me face up. Then he grabbed me by the head with his hands and directed me between his legs, where his impatient cuck was waiting for my mouth. I received him happily, he was holding my head and directing my movements ... up and down ... trying to introduce more and more. I felt him tense up, the moans were shy at first, then more and more present. He was pushing me into his cock ... I almost drowned, and he kept directing my movements faster and faster. I was convinced that it wouldn't take long, although I could hardly cope with the imposed rhythm ... it almost entered my mouth, my jaw ached… it tensed very much, the movements decreased in intensity ... aahhh. .. then stopped. The cum dripped, this time less but it still filled my mouth. I didn't let any drop get wasted. With a lot of care and attention I managed to swallow it all.

I sat next to him with my head on his chest, wrapping my arms around him. He was playing in my hair. I was still in each other's arms and I asked him:

- I was already thinking about when the next time will be? I hope it will be as soon as possible, any delay would make me miss you very much.

- I promise you won't miss me, it will be so soon.

- Why did you use a condom? I would have liked to finish in the ass as well.

- Because you didn't get an enema, you have to get used to it and always do it, to be as clean as in your pussy, and it has to be perfect for anilingus, always freshly saved.

There were days and weeks full of sex, blowjobs with waves of swallowed cum, plus many other possible and impossible perversions. I felt in the ninth heaven with him. I had become seriously dependent on him. I was his bitch and I dedicated my body and soul to our incestuous relationship, when he felt like it I was his slave, when I wanted I was his mistress. Since then I started to shave completely and get an enema every day to be clean and ready for it, not to use a condom again. In time I was with other boys, I walked provocatively dressed, with skirts or shorts and blouses or T-shirts very low-cut, without bra or bikini and I hung on very easily, I did not fad when it came to fucking. I had become a real whore. Two years after my first fucking, my brother married with another whore which he left her pregnant, or so he thought, and I went to college in Bucharest.

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Feb 13, 2021
Your stories put me in a place……………I like. You have accomplished what writing ✍️ should and can do. Cheers ♥️


Jul 20, 2021
Buna, am citit povestirile tale si ma bucur ca esti romanca. Poate citesti povestea noastra si ne ajuti cu ceva sfaturi pentru sotia mea.
Hi, I read your stories and I'm glad you're romanian. Maybe you read our story and help us with some advice for my wife.
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Jul 20, 2021
Hi, I'm glad you wrote to me and did it also in English, I don't think we are allowed to write in Romanian except in private. I read your story, very interesting but I'm sorry that she is no longer involved, she has nothing to lose, on the contrary. I don't know how I could help you, did she read my stories? Maybe if she does, she will see what feelings and happy moments I have when I am fucked by other men. I also saw her pictures, she look very good and I think she can be a very courted hotwife, many men like puffy women. She has a very beautiful pussy and I would like to play with my tongue in it, but that remains to be seen. If you want we can talk more in private. All the best!
Well, she still doesn't know about this forum, after receiving some tips I will talk to her and tell her about the forum. But I will guide her to read your personal blog and see what she thinks. Anyway, thank you and it remains to discuss more in private where I think we can communicate more easily in romanian. Kisses!


- I just want you to fuck her tonight! I whispered to my husband. Just like making love with me. I want you to give her a lot of affection! She needs it!
After I let her suck my husband's cock for a few more minutes, I tell to Adriana:
- I'd love to hear you moan. Let him lick your pussy.
We exchanged seats and now he was on his knees in front of Adriana's open legs, and the two of us were kissing for a long time. He approached to the freshly cut pubic hair, still stinging a little. She had a small pussy, but with very prominent lips, curled out. The clitoris was awake and waiting to be licked. He smells her! She had a slight oriental aroma mixed with that of an aroused woman. Her fine white skin turned pale pink as she climbed to her two lips. It was more than he had imagined. He kisses her wet on the pubis, licks her and starts to kiss her lips. He licks them and open them lightly with his tongue ... she was very aroused and wet. He tastes it and he likes it, he sticks deeper and deeper with his tongue in that wonderful pussy. I hear her start moaning. The clitoris was caught between his lips and sucked well, was now like a small penis demanding the right to pleasure. He moaned louder. My husband goes down with his tongue slowly, slowly from top to bottom to the anus. Slightly wrinkled and very tight, it had the same exotic style. He licks her and forces the tongue a little, it makes room for more and moans harder ... I sucked her nipples one by one and licked her round her breasts.
- I'd love to see you in his cock. Do you want Adriana? I asked her.
- Yes! Adriana moaned.
- Where do you want to be fucked?
- In the cunt!
- Fuck her baby! Make her moan loudly!
My husband gets up and turns her back on the bed. I leaned back and brought my pussy to her mouth. With his penis erect, my husband was trying to get inside her. It was extremely tight, but at the same time it was all wet.
- Push yourself harder! Put it all in! says Adriana, lowering her lips into my pussy.
My husband was making short movements to come and go in her and every time he felt her tighten it harder and harder. I had a feeling it would break, no matter how tight it was. With effort he put it all in and felt how she relaxed and looked for the best position to go as deep as possible ...
- Do you like cock? I ask her.
- Yes!
- Do you want more?
- Yes, I want all!
- Talk to him Adriana! Tell him everything you want!
- I want you to fuck me well but not cum in me, she said with a groan. I want you! I still feel you in me! Ahhh ... So ... I want you all deep...
He held her hips and pulled her long into his cuck. He felt the pressure of the inner tightening, it was incredibly good. He penetrated her deeply and I could hear his testicles with wet noise as they touched her pelvis.
- Fuck her! Fuck her hard! He will always want a good cock! Give it your all!
- Yes! Give me your cock ... I want you in me ... God how good I feel ... Deeper please ... Fuck me much deeper!
He penetrated her hard and pushed her with his tongue into my pussy, moaning uncontrollably. I was pulling my nipples and I was responding with a counter to every push ... In a few minutes I screamed and my pelvis trembled in Adriana's mouth, shaken by an incredible clitoral orgasm. We changed positions with my husband lying on the bed and Adriana on top, I leaning over him. He fitted his penis into her vagina and moved slowly back and forth. He pulled her towards him and with his mouth he looked for her tongue to taste it. He never gets tired of kissing her and exploring her whole mouth with his tongue. I sat behind her and with my hands on her hips I pushed her harder into his penis, bringing her orgasm closer. Adriana moaned in his mouth ... as if she didn't want it to end ...
- I can not do this anymore! Fuck me faster!
He increased the pace to the maximum, pulled his hair with both hands and bit his lips hard.
- Ahhhh ... Now ... Yeah ... Ahhh God how good you fucked me! and he thrust himself into the cock with all his strength, trembling uncontrollably. I'm coming! she shouted.
Eventually she collapsed on his chest exhausted. He hugged her and I stroked her hair.
- Did you like it? he asks in a whisper.
- Are you even asking?! I don't know why I've wasted the time till now. He stood up and hugged me, kissing us long.
- God, how good it was! I have never had anything like this in my life, and he quickly went to the shower.
- Do you want a cuck? my husband asks me, I have to finish somewhere too!
- I promised you to take care of her pussy tonight. I really like it.
- At least suck me a little? my husband insisted.
- No, go to her and give her a blowjob. We have all the time in the world.

Soon the whole story in English on my blog

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Poker game​

Marius started to rub my clit faster, faster and I put my hands with his cards on the table, being shaken by a sudden, violent orgasm. He continued to lick me and bite my neck then he turned my head and started kissing me. I don't care anymore about my husband and I answered him and kissed him, turning around a little and putting my hands around his neck. We kissed for a few good minutes, we played with our tongues in each other's mouths exchanging a lot of saliva, then suddenly he lift me up and put me on the table. Then I saw the eager look in my husband's eyes, his nostrils trembling like a racehorse. Marius pushed me quite firmly on the table and without being able to say anything, he stuck his mouth in my juicy pussy. I made an "ahhh" I think all the neighbors would have heard me. I was lying on the table, my legs spread wide, with my husband's best friend's tongue in my pussy that trembled with pleasure. Then I saw Catalin reach for his cuck through his pants and George lightly open his slit and pull out an incredibly large, curved cock. I knew then that they were going to gangbang me, fuck me one at a time or all at once, that I would be their sextoy. I had several adventures with other men, few even in the presence of my husband, but never with his friends. It was probably my most desired fantasy, I had obviously discussed with my husband to put it into practice someday. And look at me now, ready to be fucked like a cheap whore, among game chips, by my husband's three friends with him looked at me. I didn't say a word, what the hell could I have said?! I closed my eyes and in a few minutes a new orgasm engulfed me, squeezing the torn chips on the table between my fingers.
- Ahh how wet she is, I heard Catalin whisper to George. And what a cool pussy she has, I can't wait to fuck her.
I turned my head towards him, he was already completely naked and he was rubbing his cuck frantically. My husband grabbed my hand and helped me up from the table. I had chips glued to my back, buttocks, legs, along with a few cards. After he picked me up, he completely undressed me, kissed me tenderly and whispered to me:
- You wanted the cock my love, you'll get as much cuck you want tonight. Because I love you!
How can one love and then witness such a thing? Sounds absurd? It's not at all. At that moment I could feel every vibration of my husband, every breath, time stopped instead. He had passed through the barriers of modesty, anachronistic laws, and old teachings.
- Do you let them fuck me, honey?
- Yeah, they going to rip your pussy, guys, do whatever you want with her!
He knew how deep this fantasy was for me, he knew how much I wanted it and how much I would like it. He had done it for me and in that moment I loved him more than anything. He had chosen to share me with his friends and I would enjoy it to the fullest. He put me on my knees and in a few moments I felt Catalin's cock on my lips. I opened my mouth and took it, sucking lustfully as I looked into his lively eyes.
- Ahhh, since I've been dreaming about this, how well you suck Mirella! Suck my dick like a whore!
It excited me to the core as he spoke to me, I don't know if my husband had told him that I adore vulgarities in intimacy or it had simply been his idea, but it fit. I instinctively extended my left hand, feeling George's huge cock there. I alternate from time to time, moving my gaze in everyone's eyes. I knew that men love to look them in the eye when you give them blowjobs and I had enough confidence in myself, I knew I did it very well. The glasses consumed that night also helped, I have no reason to lie.
- Look what a blowjob she makes, George fuck her mouth!
Catalin shuddered George didn't say anything but he pumped my mouth faster and faster, like a piston. I drowned a little and it stopped immediately but then I felt a hand in my hair pushing me back. It was Marius pushing me rhythmically into George's cock. She sat up and watched me closely as I sucked her, whispering to me that it would be a pity for my pussy and ass that night. I was startled at the thought of having anal sex, but I hadn't had an enema. He pulled me out of George's cock and shoved me into Catalin's.
- Give him a blowjob, look what the bitch likes! Come on, suck cock, we know that's what you want, ordinary whore looks like a prude!
Two fingers were inserted into my vagina and I immediately recognized the expert way in which my husband knew how to strengthen me. Not long after, Catalin started moaning loudly, he grabbed me by the head and started ejaculating jet after jet of cum directly in my throat, holding my mouth there to swallow everything. He and Marius let me go and I moaned for a long time when I took a deep breath! I had cum around the corners of my mouth, lipstick stretched to the limit, mascara was not resistant and began to stretch from involuntary tears. My husband picked me up and put me on four, holding my buttocks open while Marius brutally entered in my pussy...

Soon the whole story in English on my blog

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Their bitch​

I admit, I had emotions, like every time, although I try to seem as relaxed as possible. My heart was pounding ... As I entered on door, my godmother grabbed me with one hand and pull me towards her. Without any time for any reaction, I found myself kissing directly on her mouth, our tongues intersected and began to dance lasciviously. I looked at her with wide eyes, full of emotion ... Women still kiss when they meet, they accidentally or deliberately touch their lips, but this kiss was full of passion and eroticism.
- Well, how was it? Do we both make love until the godfather comes? ... she asked me, but I couldn't answer her.
Seeing that my answer was late to appear, she pressed her lips to mine again, this time in an even more passionate kiss. Under the siege of her lips I gave in immediately, being more impatient than ever, my pussy got wet badly. I could see the feeling much more than any kiss with another man I had met. The hugs came naturally, my lips pressed hard ... I was aroused. I hope it doesn't cross her mind to stop in those moments. I threw the few clothes off us and in a few steps we reached the bedroom. She pushed me lightly on the bed and she immediately came, climbing on top of me. She searches for my breasts with her hands, pulls on them and presses gently. She released my breasts from the bra ... soon she went to them ... she looked at me provocatively as her tongue walked around my nipples. She caught them lightly between her lips, pulled on them, then released them and continued to play with my nipples. The excitement had reached its peak ... I was very wet. I sighed bit my lips, my body trembling with desire. She came down further, looking in my eye. The matter was serious. She was going to get to that point and she doesn't give the impression that she just wants to play with me a little. She was determined to go all the way. In the end, I was the one who initiated the meeting and there was no sign of guilt on my part. She kissed my navel, her tongue trying to get into that hole ... she pulled her bikini lightly with her hands until she undressed me ...
- God, how much I love you bitche, she told me in the most serious and erotic way possible.
I had spread my legs wide, I had become comfortable. I had risen a little higher so I could see everything that was happening. I watched her every move. From the signs, it made me want to relax. I were trying ... easy to say, hard to do. She looked at me, her tongue sliding on my abdomen ... the mountain of Venus ... straight to the hot spot. When she touched my clit, a short sigh was heard from me. With her hand she was caressing my thighs, another was trying to reach my breasts ... her lips caressed my excited and wet lips. I didn't experience new sensations ... I was with other women, the first time with her when my brother fucked both of us and we played with cum from mouth to mouth and then we swallowed it together, but I missed the fantasies which did not give me peace. Even now I don't realize how my bisexual side developed and where it started, but it was wonderful to be intimately touched by a woman and I was thinking ... I have to experiment more often! I had left myself completely in her hands, all the pleasure was addressed to me, I didn't even have the strength to resist, even if I wanted to. She touched my clit, first with her fingertips ... enough to incite me a little with irregular movements. I wanted to climb the walls. Her lips and tongue followed ... with the same delicate touches around my clit. Overwhelmed with pleasure, the moans were heard louder and louder. The pace became much faster. Her lips were trying to catch my clit ... she clung tightly to me. Like a vacuum cleaner, she seeks to suck me vigorously. A finger made its way into my vagina. I was too wet to feel anything. Soon I felt the second one ... ahhh ... her fingers explored me deeply ... her lips and tongue cared for my clitoris ... I struggled in bed, pulled my breasts, gently twisted my nipples, moaned and I sighed loudly ... Her lips and tongue caressed my clitoris. The movements had become faster and faster. So were the two fingers that penetrated me quickly. I was starting to tremble, I didn't know about myself. I wished it would never end. She continues to feel all my senses with her hands, lips and tongue ... I was shaking harder and harder ... aahhh ... her mouth was all sticking to my pussy ... her tongue was exploring my inside, touching my vaginal walls ... pushing hard inside ...
- Now ... I can feel it!
I still hadn't recovered. The orgasm was stronger than any other orgasm I ever had with a woman. I was lying on my back with my eyes closed and I was living that moment to the fullest. She was next to me and she climbed on top of me. Then I winced. I opened my eyes and saw the rift in her lips, a whitish liquid dripping from her vagina, she was definitely super aroused. She was approaching my mouth. With my hands I pulled her buttocks towards me. I wanted to taste it too ... she came closer, my tongue touched her clit ... it was her turn to moan with pleasure. She left more on me. I felt a different taste ... I liked it. I continue conscientiously to caress her lips, to lick them. Like her, I stuck my tongue deep in her pussy ... she leaned over me ... she moved back and forth from the pelvis ... I penetrated her with my tongue and enjoyed the sweet pleasure from her vagina ... I wanted her to have an orgasm too, I knew I was pretty good at it.

Soon the whole story in English on my blog

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