My wife got a new job


Nov 28, 2018
We had broke the ice , had been seeing AZ for a couple years , my black friend , her bull lover . She changed jobs , started tending bar in a nearby town. AZ had moved on , we had no regular guy for her. I told her several times if you see a chance to get some cock , go for it . She was tending bar was visiting with a guy , about our age , at the time our early 50’s . He wanted to take her to the all night truck stop diner after she got off work. I was at home , kinda horny anyway , she gave me his last name, asked if I knew him , I didn’t. She told me he wanted to take her out to eat at the diner and you see the bar doesn’t close till 2:00 am and the diner to and from plus eating would add another 3 hours . She’s in the women’s rest room on her cell phone explaining all this and I know she wouldn’t be calling if she wasn’t really wanting to get some dick lol. Well I said , why don’t you tell him your husband is waiting at home and you really don’t have a lot of time, how about I stop by for coffee. Immediately she says , yeah that might work . Well a little later she calls she’s pulled into his driveway, in the country, not far from us , says I’ll call when done, I said have fun babe get fucked good , bring me a cream pie I want to eat your fucked pussy . About an hour later she pulled in , told me she had a great time , give me a blow by blow account while riding my face , I miss that little whore !