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Nov 4, 2018
Germany it is time to say good bye:oops:.....too many fakers, not everybody of course, we see also some great couples and men here, but even some from the well known members her, use found pictures from elswhere, and too many internetpictures:mad::mad::mad:.

Some of you need glasses, really we think, look closer at these pictures, and you see always different woman in one thread, saying that are them selfs, look at the nipples, or birthmarks etc, not only to the blond hair ;) You must be blind guys :p
And internetpictures can you see and find easely elswhere, not in a hot wife forum!

In spite of everything, thanks for all the comments and likes you give to us, we manage it with the likes in the Top 10 in only 2 Month, and in the Top 3 with the points, and that with real, own pictures !!!! Thanks to you, it was nice here for a while, thanks again to all the kind members here :):):)

Maybe see you somewhere else :cool: Greetings from Yvon, Mad, Annabel & friends :p
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Oct 29, 2017
Next question then.......View attachment 144869 what color fits Yvon better? White, red or maybe black.... Of course, wo take the time to sent a nice answer, becomes a little surprise from Yvon ;)
white is nice but it makes her look too innocent. Black is very nice and makes her look a little naughty. Red. Well you can never go wrong with red. It's very racy and makes her look like a very bad girl that needs lots of "punishment"
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