Retro Pics Of Your Loved Ones.


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Oct 31, 2020
Queensland Australia
She is a fucking gorgeous whore and evidently quite the young and insatiable bitch in heat!
How many different cocks had she had in her young wet cunt when that pic was taken?
Lucky man!
Eleven, I believe. Here's the context for the photo:

I was 23 and Sophie was 20 when she first cucked me. We were engaged, and I had moved to a regional town for work. She fucked a couple of guys while we were apart. I didn't know about them at the time, but she tearfully confessed when she came to visit me for the weekend. One of the guys was a “oncer” but the other one she was fucking regularly (he was at the same tennis club).

He had even fucked her the night before! With my encouragement, she described in explicit detail how they had spread a plastic drop-sheet over the bed and then massaged each other with a bottle of baby oil, which was very erotic. They were drunk and had no inhibitions. He tit fucked her, they had a 69, they writhed together, body-sliding in their oily slipperiness, and then he fucked her, climaxing in her promiscuous engaged pussy.

I was blown away that this had happened about 18 hours earlier. But I was hard and overcome with lust. Secretly, this is what I had always yearned for...

These retro photos were taken the day she came to see me. They are, naturally, some of my favourites :)
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