Wife fist time alone

Jun 30, 2018
So every other time my wife has taken dick I was there the time I won't forget is the time when she went alone. The other day I put a post about a friend of mine older brother fucking my wife before our wedding day well we continued to keep in contact with him and he wanted to fuck my wife again do he messaged me the night before at the time we were staying with friends and he wanted to know how he could get some more of her so after talking I brought it up if she liked to go alone since I had to work the next day she was nervous bit said ok I let him know the plan and he said alright so the next day I went to work I was working at my bosses place cutting grass on the riding mower when I saw that I had a miss call from her I called back and when the phone answered I was greeted with moans that sounded so hot and I was on speaker as he told me ya man I got your wife it was easy now she bent over my sofataking my dick he told her to say hi she kept on moaning and said hi the best she could I got a hard on just hearing this hearing him fucking her the slapping noises him not caring I was on the phone she going to be busy man I asked if she was ok ya I'm ok I'm taking some big fucking sick right now was all she could say then her begging him go harder his sick so fucking good baby call you later have fun at work man I know I am and they hung up after while I had pics he sent me one of her sucking his sick saying look what she got while u work another of him eating her saying she taking care of i had to go and jack off when work was done I got home the friemds were out and she was home I grabbed her right away started kissing her she got down fast started sucking my clock she told me on the drive to his house she sucked him all the way there passing houses that belonged to friemds and even parked next to one that was at a stop light that his truck was lifted and they couldn't see so she kept on that when they got to his house the next thing she knew he already had her bent over pants half way down and just ramming it into her he had an incest fetish so he had her calling him big brother the hole time as he screwed her brains out my dock was so dam hard all day that day dam id go back to that day if I could