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She is. She's older and works elsewhere now but me and a Mexican dude I work with with a huge cock convinced her she should celebrate graduation by becoming more experienced. Hang with us after work and try smoling a lil speed we'll be gentlemen. Lol. She is the one that pointed out we were both hard and said I've always wanted cocks to just play with, we let her, then we took turns doing that pretty lil cunt and asshole. She couldanpassed for 14-15 with the braces pigtails and hairless lil brown cunt, got to be she would beg us to : smoke"with her. Word got around and her brother and cousin want to watch. Yeah eventually they fucked her with us, brought their gf's too. Was awesome. She loved kidnap/rape fantasy too. Sending link to her now
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With your help Fiona I'd like to offer help to an ex cleaning her place while she works like crazy. She's got two awesome girls awaiting college they are the head of their social group always having parties at her house with hot slutty sorority fraternity friends. Heard they get high and have truth dare orfiesnhead contests and shit. We'd be the cool helpful couple willingnto look other way. Hell I fucked both already but only her dad knows not her. He watched

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