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Kate spoke up "Do we look like tourists?"

He looked at our dirty clothing, and then looked at Kate's breasts again. "Those clothes are a bit small on you, aren't they?"

"The yuppies wife was smaller than me." She responded.

He smiled and took a beer from Joe, "Well Joe, looks like we have a party here, thanks to some poor stupid yuppy." His men laughed, as they all came over and grabbed a beer. One of them went back to his bike and brought back a radio. A few others pulled out pipes and plastic bags, it was obvious what was in them, as they filled their pipes and lit them up, the smoke drifted my way, and it smelled like some mighty fine weed. They passed it around, I took a hit and gave it to Kate, she took one as well, hope to hell they don't pass it around too much. The radio was turned on, and some music filled the air. The guys were rather thirsty, as they finished off their first round rather quickly.

Red got up, after guzzling his beer, and said "I want to see the woman dance."

Kate looked up at him, then at I, I nodded to go ahead. She rose in front of the fire and did a slow spin in front of the fire, her tight blouse wanting to break open from her chest. She had on a long skirt, and it's swaying was fanning the flames of not only the fire, but of the men as well. She danced for an entire song. When it was over, Red took her in his arms and danced with her, holding his beer, drinking it fast, and grabbing her ass. She spun around and he landed on his ass. The others laughed, and so did he. The alchohol was taking it's effect.

"Lets see some more of you, bitch." Cried out Joe. Kate looked at me, with a nervous look on her face, then started dancing again. As she was moving her hips, she unfastened the belt to her skirt. It was a wraparound type, so as she spun and pulled it off in one motion, leaving her in her panties, and blouse. She went over to Red and as she danced over him, she pulled her blouse over her head, revealing her bra encased breasts, just straining to get out. She drapped her blouse over his head, and went over to the next one, raising her arms over her head, she squatted down in front of him, she said "Well, the clasp is in the front, big boy."

The others laughed, one shouting out "Come on Jim, get it off of her so we can see her tits." Jim raised his hand to her breasts, and using both hands unhooked the clasp. He reached for her breasts, but she stepped back, with an arm covering her breasts, she swung her bra off her and droped it onto the desert floor.

She danced back over to the fire, turning in circles and moving her hips, all the time with her arms covering her big boobs. The men were shouting, and another round of beer was getting drank. Red came over and sat down next to me. He asked "Is this your wife?"

I chuckled "Good God, no. I picked her up a few weeks ago, the car I had broke down, been borrowing others for the last two weeks, and have been living off the land for the whole time. Luckily the camper was stocked with food, so we decided to stay put for a bit." I could tell he was still suspicious.

He asked "Then you don't mind if we rape her?"

"Rape her? Shit man, do you think she's going to put up much resistence?"

Looking in his eyes, I could see that the beer was taking it's effect. I added,"Besides, she's a survivor, she got us gas money last Tuesday by sucking off four truckers over at Vernal."

He smiled and said "Sure will be nice getting some that doesn't fight for once." With that, he stood up and walked over to Kate, who had now dropped her arms, much to the mens delight, but still had her panties on. She turned around, and he grabbed her, locking his lips onto hers, forcing his tongue into her mouth. She responded by doing the same, and reaching down and rubbing his crotch. The men started cheering, as he reached down and ripped her panties off, revealing a shaved pussy. I heard one of them say loudly "Damn, will ya'll look at that, she's a bare as Joe's head." Laughter erupted, as Red started working a finger into her cunt, still kissing her and fondling her breasts under the full moon.

He broke the kiss to say, "Hey, why don't some of you guys pull out a mattress from that camper, so our little fuckin' party girl can be more comfortable."

Two men rushed the camper, entering it and damn near tearing the door off, as they dragged a mattress out, laying it down by the fire. Red pushed her down onto the mattress, saying "Suck my cock, bitch." She fiddled with his belt and zipper, and pulled out a cock that was about seven inches. She pulled it into her mouth and started sucking away. He blurted out "Shit, the bitch sure can suck, come on guys, check the bitch out."

The men, including myself, circled her, one of them dropped his pants and got down behind her. His dick was rather small, but he spread her legs a bit, and plowed on home. "Thats it Zack, fuck her good." Someone said. Another shouted "Yeah, fuck the bitch." I swallowed my beer, and watched. Red didn't last much longer, nor did the guy in her cunt, both coming at the same time. She swallowed his load, as he pulled out of her mouth. Zack pulled out of her cunt as well. The second blue cooler was brought over, and more beer was pulled out and opened. They told her to get on her hands and knees, and get ready for continous feasting on cock.

She did as she was told, and for the next two hours, she took it in her mouth, cunt and ass. As one emptied into her, another took his place. By then, the second cooler was empty, one of them went and got the third cooler. Red, his speech slurred, came up to me, just after he dropped a load into her ass, and said "Thish ish one fuck'n hot bish you found, misther." He sat down, stroking his leaking cock.

As they drank and fucked, they decided to try double penetration. One of the men laid on his back, two men picked her tired body up and placed her over him. She was impaled on his meat, a full ten inches, as another kneeled behind her, spreading her ass cheeks, he plunged on home. She yelped, which brought a laugh from those gathered. A coyote in the distance yelped, this brought more laughter, as one of them blurted "She sounds like a fuckin' coyote, and their answering her." More laughter, as the two men start pounding into her.

Red came over, and sat down next to me, saying "Hey man, lletsh do da bistch togattha, see'n ya ben lay'in back an watch'n."

I laughed and stood up, even though I only had two beers, I was a bit unsteady. I said "Sure Red, lets do her." We made our way over to her, and as the two current owners of the pricks inside her ass and cunt were going at it, we started squeezing and fondling her big breasts. The guys in her moaned as they dumped their loads. I looked at Red and said "Which hole ya want big guy?"

He got a big smile on his face, and said "I'm a ass man, let me do the bitch's ass again!"

I said "Sure thing, Red." And I laid down on my back, pulling Kate down on top of me. My hard cock slipped in easily, she was very loose and squishy from all the cocks she had so far. She looked me in the face, and gave me a kiss, raising her ass to recieve the cock she knew she was going to get. I grabbed her ass cheeks and spread them for Red. He said "Thanks." And shoved his pole into her. I felt his balls slap against mine, as he stared drilling her ass. Kate moaned, wasn't sure if it was from pain, exhaustian, or pleasure, but I started thrusting my cock into her as well, getting in a rythm with Red.

Red started talking at her "Ah...yes got a still fucking tight ass for all the cocks we've shoved into it so far...damn...hope you can last two more nights...shit...oh god damn.."

I felt his cock throb as it started spewing it's load into her ass. This got me to groan, as I emptied my load into her already saturated pussy. Red pulled out and stepped back a bit uneasy. Kate rolled off to my right, and two more men came over,ready to fill her again. Red and I head back to where we had been sitting.

I leaned over to Red, and said "Hey Red, got someting for you."


"Here," I handed him some tablets, "It's good stuff, it'll take you on a trip like you've never been on before."

He looked at me with a quizzical look, as I pulled out another tablet, a sugar pill for me, and put it in my mouth and took a gulp of beer. He smiled and did the same. Then he asked "What is it?"

"Don't know, it was in the yuppy's things, took a hell of a trip yesterday, though." I looked at him and asked "Do you boys come and party here often?"

He laughed, and said "Only when the renger tells us there is some pussy here we can try."

"Really? The ranger tells you?" Damn, that's why Mary went and shacked up with the ranger. "So, you've done this before, man, wish I could have been here when you come."

"Shit, this ain't nothing, this bitch is willing." He took another drink, the pill should be kicking in any moment. "You should have seen the little bitch we did last spring, only about 17, and real short, we fucked her senseless for three days. Had to beat her boyfreind half-to-death, but it was worth it."

I thought, mister, you just signed your own death warrant.

More beer is brought out and handed around. Well shit, I thought, this should be about it. I was on my third beer, so I was feeling good. I watched the men in her groan as they emptied their balls into her. They pried themselves off, and two more laid down in a line, their heads at opposite ends. Two of the guys picked her up and lowered her down, the men guiding their dicks into her, one back into her vacated ass, and the other into her cunt. I could see loads of their come flowing out of her openings in the firelight. I also noticed that some of the men were starting to drop. First one, followed by another. I turned to Red, he dropped his beer and fell backwards onto the desert ground.

Before the men in Kate could come, they too were out. Looking around, they were all out, the final beers, laced with the micky, finally knocking them out. I looked back over to Kate, both men in her were out, as were all the others. But she kept on gyrating her hips, milking the cocks inside of her. I turned to Red, and seen his body quivering, his eyes wide open. Mary told me he would be like this, totaly paralyzed, but prone to feeling the heat and cold, and very much conscious. I leaned over his face and said "Just thought you like to know, that the girls name you boys gangraped last spring, her name is Debbie, she's Kate's neice."

I picked up a burning peice of wood, and said to him, "You can't move, but you can feel," I touched the hot stick to his foot, his face convulsed, and a shreik tried to escape his lips, but little sound came out. Enough sound did, though, to get Kate to stop her gyrating.

She turned her head towards me, her face covered in cum. I heard a noise in the distance, an engine of a vehicle. Looking, I seen a pair of headlights. Turning back to Red, I said "Hear that, that's death coming to visit. No, you're not going to die just yet, your boys will, but not you." I threw the stick back into the fire, causing a spray of sparks. Kate placed her hands on the chest of the guy she was on and lowered her head, holding herself up, I could hear her crying.

"You see Red, Debbie belonged to a family, a family with some very interesting connections. That reanger? I suspect he won't be around for much longer, either. Debbie's mother was a bit put out by the whole situation." His eyes were glazed with tears from his fear, I could hear his heart pounding.

I got up and went over to Kate. She raised her head and I seen a tear form in her eye, as she wrapped her arms around me and buried her face in my shoulder, sobbing uncontrollably. "I know, Kate," I whispered in her ear, "But we've work still to do, come." I stood up, pulling her up with me, her cunt and anus making obscene sounds as the cocks plopped out of her. I noticed that steam came from her openings, as the warm fluids hit the cool desert night air. I helped her to the camper, as I heard vehicles approach, and wrapped her in a blanket. She sat in the doorway, as I grabbed a towel and wiped the crust of cum off her face and chest, working to her crotch, I wiped as much as I could.

The vehicles stopped about twenty feet away, as I grabbed a water jug and wetted the towel,wiping her down. I heard footsteps behind me, and then a voice "Is she allright?"

Without turning around I said "Well Paula, what the fuck do you think, after she had just been fucked continuously fot the last three hours by eighteen men."

Another female voice spoke up "Come on Dan, we've work to do before daybreak, let Paula clean her up." I stepped back, and turned, Paula rushed to Kate's side, taking the towel from my hand. "Okay Mary, lets get it over with, the moon is still up high, so lets just leave the fire on, and douse those headlights, we'll leave with them off." I looked and saw two more shadows appear. "June, you and Rachel know what to do, do you have the syryges?"

Rachel, on the left, responded "Yes Dan, are you sure that these are the guys?"

I pointed to where Red laid, "That one there is Red, the dumb ass told me about the rape of Debbie they did last spring," and then I pointed to another "And that one is Joe. The description matches to what Debbie gave. Check out their saddle bags, Mary." She turned and went to their bikes. I watched, as Rachel and June started for the pantless, sleeping men. Pulling out a syryge, each one started injecting a man in the arm, moving from body to body. When they came to Red, with Paula's help, they dragged his nude form to a bike. They stood him up and laid him backwards on to it, so that his back laid on the back of the handle bars. Then, June pulled out some rope and tied him to it. Rachel pulled out a long stick, and with help from June, they shoved all ten inches up his ass, causing a faint shreik to escape from his mouth

I couldn't watch anymore, knowing what June was going to do with the knife she pulled out. Another shreik was audible, as I made my way over to Mary. She was going through saddle-bags, "Where's Randi?" I asked.

"She's at the highway, on our signal, she'll come on up the road to meet us at the intersection."

Another shreik "Your daughters seem to be enjoying this."

Mary turned and said "Girls, stuff his balls in his mouth, I'm tired of hearing his shreiks already."

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