I am a cuck/stag and hotwife hubby from Queensland, Australia. We have been married for 31 years and Sophie has been a hotwife/cheating wife for the entire time (although the frequency has varied). Therefore it is true to say that I have been a cuck/stag for the same amount of time. Sophie has had many affairs and this is how we got into the lifestyle. She is naturally promiscuous and I am a natural cuckold. I never get tired of sharing Sophie and watching her in action. However, my preference is to wait for her to come home from a date or a night out with a hot story and a creampie. How many guys has she fucked? Hard to say, but it would be about 100. However, there are undoubtedly some I don't know about. Whatever the exact number is, it is safe to say that she has taken the seed of many men :)
Does she fuck bareback? Yes, I don't think she has ever asked a guy to wear a condom. She is submissive, so she lets the guy make the decision. Cleanup? That's a big yes :)

How big is my cock? 7.5 inches (8 Internet inches), circumcised and nicely shaped.

I am mainly interested in chatting with other hubbies in a similar situation. The hotwife / cheating wife dynamic really gets me going. In my opinon, it is the high-point of excitement.
Other Queensland cucks, let's cum together!. Not interested in being 'owned' or 'commanded'.

My motto: Chat, Share, Wank, Climax


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