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    Stag or Cuck

    Definitely a stag cuckold, not a submissive cuckold. I'm not into humiliation, but I do enjoy it when my promiscuous wife comes home with cum-filled pussy, which I enjoy licking before I reclaim her. But, obviously, I am a cuckold as my wife has sex with other men and I find this very arousing...
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    Does it turn you on knowing your wife was flirting and fucking with other guys behind your back

    How did you transition from her having an affair to the hotwife lifestyle? We also got into the lifestyle through cheating.
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    Comment by 'hubwithwantonwife' in media '2017-05-13 23.16.09.png'

    It would be quite a cleanup after they finished! Love the pic.
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    Comment by 'hubwithwantonwife' in media '2017-03-18 10.35.27.jpg'

    What a great pic! She is a super-attractive hotwife.
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    Your wife kissing her lover

    I love the first kiss. It is the moment she surrenders to him. What follows is inevitable: she opens her legs and offers him her gash which is dripping with excitement...
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    Cuck Moments...

    This is a definite cuck moment! This was the mess that awaited me:
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    Post your favourite pic of your wife!!

    Yes, he did pound her. We actually had another hotwife couple come over as well. The other hubby got in on the act too. See pic below:
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    Post your favourite pic of your wife!!

    Another one that I really like:
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    Post your favourite pic of your wife!!

    Not necessarily my favorite pic, but I like it. It's from a few weeks ago.
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    Cut vs Uncut? what's the preference from the ladies?

    Cut, definitely. A big 'no' to uncut cocks where the foreskin doesn't retract over the head. Up until the late 80s, most guys in Australia were circumcised. Now it is much less common.
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    Philipina wife x bargirl

    That sounds like a perfectly reasonable request :) I dare say that you might enjoy that too.
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    Do women who cheat actually love their husbands?

    We have discussed it and it's hard to be 100% sure as to why she cheats. But I think it mainly has to do with the thrill of the chase. This is why she much prefers guys she finds herself, rather than arranged meets from a swingers site. I think another factor is related to self-esteem. There is...
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    My wife cheated on me

    How did the affair start?