Married couple, wife has had affairs since the 2nd year we were married and discovered guys found her QUITE attractive with her newfound confidence and way of dressing since we met. Current affair is with her Boss/Lover, almost 9 years now, and she is birth control free with him hoping to get pregnant by him. Intercourse is rare for us, and I have to wear a condom and she uses her diaphragm with me to be sure any pregnancy is not mine, but we are still very sexual......just rare intercourse. She is with her Boss/Lover 2-3 times a week at home, nightly when they travel for business. and they spend a month at the Corporate Condo together each year doing business planning. Some recent occurrences in their affair may have opened the door for her to be sexual outside their DEFINITELY awakened the desire on her part!!
Michigan in summer,Clearwater in Winter
Professional Business


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