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    Found out my wife was texting a guy

    Warning, we RARELY do this!! I know, I;ve been there, dun that. Condoms put a stall on things, and its simply no fun using them!! You may be getting more than you hope for!! LOL J (the wife)
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    White wives lying

    Seems pretty straight forward, and could not possibly be misunderstood to mean ANY of the choices you have created beyond the first one. J (the wife)
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    Rape play did you ever had experience if yes tell me about it

    Ebay!! J (the wife)
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    If you (the wife) are attracted to someone your husband does not like

    Oh boy, hopefully hubby doesn't see this one but I can't resist..........try to keep it short. There was a young guy in our old neighborhood that is purported to be the father of THREE sets of twins on our street (appx 30 homes so the odds are astronomic) and ruined 3 marriages as a result. IF...
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    Rape play did you ever had experience if yes tell me about it

    One of my favorite fantasies, and I have several DVD's like this that I watch and masturbate to, is to be restrained with ropes , etc, and be subjected to uncontrolled sexual use by a (or several) Lovers. Orgasm denial, repeated orgasms with devices, nipple clamps, subjected to medical...
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    Why do so many wives want big black cock?

    EXACTLY!! I swear people LOOK for any reason to be offended by anything today. I love the taboo of this, the skin color contrast, how other people react to seeing me with a Lover of a different race and I don't want that to change!! It is EXOTIC that people notice and some approve and other...
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    Wives taking black dick in public...

    This too!! LOL J (the wife)
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    Wives taking black dick in public...

    I actually used to this this when I was BBC exclusive with guys in bars and after hours clubs. Minus the condom usually.........would have sex with guys that walked up to me in the club, indicated their interest, and we would go somewhere private and this is how I was dressed!! I loved the...
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    Falling in Love After Taking his Cum

    I have a MUCH stronger bond or desire for the men that cum inside of me versus those that insist on condoms. And I have MASSIVE orgasms when my Lover cums DEEP inside of me and fills me up with his hot fertile sperm!! That does not happen when using condoms. Even if I have my diaphragm in...
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    Will your wife let you swallow " her " bull's cum ?

    I have an urge to see my husband "take it from the source", he has eaten more of my Lovers sperm anyway than I ever will mostly because I LOVE for them to cum deep inside of me. He says he would be "willing" if I insist, but then there is virtually no chance of it ever happening as my Lovers...
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    Wow, she's not wet at all. He can only get about 2" in her until he cums way early and has some lubrication. She seemed to get in to it once she got on top........J (the wife)
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    Something that always makes my pussy drip

    Wow, no kidding, this is even smaller than hubbies. Poor guy. J (the wife)
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    The other way around: how to convince her not to do it

    If you truly want to discourage her, show her some of the wives who started out as "hotwives" and then got involved in making movies, doing photoshoots, and RUINED their lives........SEKA is one, Lauren Rayborn is another, and there are a host of others who got overinvolved in this lifestyle and...
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    looking for Impregnation

    Curious, did you ever have any luck with this? I want to have at least one more baby, and definitely NOT my husbands baby. J (the wife)
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    Comment by 'JMNBABE' in media 'Screenshot_20221118-082641_Gallery.jpg'

    I do!! Well, I did.....wasBBC exclusive for 3 years, but it got out of control and I had to stop. Would like to ease back in to BBC, but not as wild as it got the first time. J (the wife)