I identify myself somewhere between a bull and a dom - someone who not just enjoys the cuckold dynamic and the perks that come with it but also takes his responsibility very seriously. An experienced player in this place for 10+ years, the last 6 as a LTR with a couple who had to moved out of the area.

Looking for a couple (or two) in this lifestyle. Prefer some experience - however newbies are fine too so long as there is agreement amongst all concerned as to where the relationship is headed. However kinky, I will not indulge in any action that will result in weakening existing marital bonds - so open dialogue is very important for me.

Attracted to submissive couples (sub-sub, sub-slave or slave-slave). Okay with the hotwife being dominant with the cuck so long as she is submissive to the bull.

How can you expect the relationship to progress ?
  • Getting to know BOTH of you and desires/boundaries
  • Hotwife dates
  • Owning hotwife sexually
  • Cuck servicing bull and hotwife
  • Domination (physical/sexual) of cuck - can explore chastity, enforced nudity.
  • Humiliation (only as much as required so as to keep the bond strong). I love foot worship, so its a good way to keep people in their place.
  • Exclusive access to hotwife, be it anal or swallowing.
  • Mental and emotional control - exclusive use of marriage bed or collaring or denial.

About me - mid-thirties, straight, 6' and 180 lbs, very clean, groomed and well-educated. I am fairly flexible, so as long as you can talk it out, there would be a way to integrate and enjoy this dynamic.

If you like what you see, feel free to PM me

Cheers !
San Jose


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