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    My wife

    she has a great body!
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    New couple!!!

    I use kik and am 29 (male) - noneasdf30 msg me sometime!
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    Want to watch her get fucked in NJ

    I would LOVE to join you guys! I'm in Monmouth County, NJ, send me a message and we can chat about meeting up. Or shoot me an e-mail
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    She's interested now!

    Started a conversation with you, sent you a message and my e-mail!
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    She's interested now!

    That's great! I'd love to see her dirty panties and her wearing them or the outfit she wore them under all day!
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    my bbw

    very sexy!
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    A Walk in the Park

    Sent you an e-mail :-)
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    A Walk in the Park

    wow, very sexy! I would love to run into you nude in the woods sometime! *Edit - just saw your profile, NY. Do you come down to the jersey shore ever? I know plenty of places in the woods you could go and be away from people..
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    Wanting to share my wife

    I would love too!
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    New Ebony Wife for BWC!!!

    Yes, definitely, where are you from?
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    Sexy wife louise dressed to tease hubby.

    beautiful! I'd love to tease her!
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    very sexy, I'd love to fuck her ass!
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    New Ebony Wife for BWC!!!

    Very sexy, I'd love to let you enjoy my BWC!
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    Brand New Hotwife (or HotGF, rather)

    Wow, you are beautiful!
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    What are your thoughts

    awesome! if it does, please try to get pics!