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    Asian wife about to go on a business trip

    Hmmm... discussion only really happens when my head is between her legs! :D She pretty much shuts it down normally.
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    Asian wife about to go on a business trip

    My gorgeous Asian wife will be going on a business trip this coming Thursday for 2 nights. She's travelling with 3 others from her work but will stay in her own room at the hotel, I'm considering giving her a hall pass. So a bit of background.. while my wife has had some experience being shared...
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    I effed up “The Talk” How to get back on the track?

    Exactly. She explored this with her previous partner but it ended them and she’s not willing to risk another relationship ending.
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    I effed up “The Talk” How to get back on the track?

    I’m in the same situation. We were watching some mfm porn and she was getting really turned on imagining herself in that situation and even pretending someone else was fucking her while we were getting down. Any conversation while she’s not horny though gets shot down with a solid no way. 😭 My...
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    I love doing Cock Tributes

    Love the without panties one, just wish it was real life!
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    I love doing Cock Tributes

    Would love a tribute of one of our media
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    Comment by 'reetooo' in media 'received_963773547072725.jpeg'

    Would love to take her for a ride.. lucky guy.
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    Comment by 'reetooo' in media 'received_949489298501150.jpeg'

    Just love Filipina tits, can't get enough of my wifes!
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    Comment by 'reetooo' in media 'IMG_20160907_225952.jpg'

    Hot! Love that little black dress.
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    Filipina Wife

    Love this.. instant hardon and the wife was very interested in seeing herself next to a stiff cock.
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    Comment by 'reetooo' in media 'IMG_8099.JPG'

    If you're ever in London I'd happily let you watch us fuck :)
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    What is your slut like in "normal life"?

    My wife is another typical Asian mum in her early 40s. She works in the medical profession in a specialist capacity and spends most of her time working closely with doctors, 80% of them being men. I know for a fact that they desire her, she spent 3 days at a conference with 2 of them and while...
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    Who wants to bang my wife

    me me me :love: love asian wives.
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    Filipina Wife

    Has anyone masturbated to my pictures? We're interested to know 🥰