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  • Grandhomme's wife: We have received further videos - thanks again. After you said that you'd fuck me if been watching your cock in the videos. Very impressed I'm sure would make me cum. Would luv to see more cock, but the video you have of me naked is the only one there'll be and no photos. Rather not say why. Hope to see more cock but realise nothing to trade. Hope you don't feel cheated? Sorry.
    No problem receiving email (problems sending at the moment thanks for the great vids just watched. Thanks for the comment on the video of my wife (will use to try to get her to do more). She's very happy that you would fuck her and she asks if you have video or photos of your hard cock so that she can imagine that and rub one out.
    In response to you email re my wife's video when you said you'd fuck her she found other video of you and Elaine fucking and having watched your cock, she said she'd fuck you also! She would still like to see more photos/video of you and I elaine
    Hate to see you go guys. Elaine’s one of the most sexy woman I’ve ever seen! Your pictures and stories turned me on. I’d love to stay in touch with you.
    she is so sexy thank you for posting I wish I could have fucked her
    OMG Robert, your wife is absolutely beautiful and extremely sexy! I believe she would more than rock my world if I'd have the honer to experience a sexual encounter with her and with you. WOW, she turns me on just to see her sexy pic!
    Elaine was and still IS a very hot, sexy gorgeous woman. Her older pics very much remind me of my wife when we married 40 years ago, & looks very similar to my wife now, with the only difference being that Elaine has a bit less of a tummy then my wife does now at 67. She also has one of the most beautiful pussies I have ever seen, as does my wife.
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