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    Golden shower

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    Who else knows?

    The longer you are in the lifestyle it's inevitable that people, sometimes many people will know. Almost everyone we know are aware of our relationship and that not only am I cuckolded, but also caged in chastity.
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    Caged Cucks initial Experiences

    It would be interesting to hear how it started, especially if the Wife's idea, from cucks that are caged. Share your experience. Thanks.
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    Wife wants another man

    Just keep the conversation going with her and sooner or later an opportunity will present itself, such as a party; some lounge cruising; destination wedding weekend (as was our case); any events you both attend where there is a social atmosphere.
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    Interracial cuckolding

    I understand, and similarly I experienced it watching my Wife of 25plus years (all faithful) tremble under multiple, deep orgasms - the kind I'd never given her. Admittedly, I felt a bit jealous and inadequate the first time but quickly realized that She was enjoying it, which pleased me. So...
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    Need Cock Sucking Tips

    I don’t suck cock, but it is my Wife’s “specialty”. She has, at times, sucked as many as 14 during one party, and she’s quite good at it. She learned by simply listening to the instructions being given her by the guys she’s blowing.
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    What size should a penis be caged?

    Out for hygiene and then back in lock up.
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    How Many Cocks Has Your Wife Sucked Since Wedding

    Married 30 plus years and cocksucking has been her great passion since around yr 6. Impossible to count, but can reasonably estimate at 100 plus.
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    Hi and thanks for the "Like"

    Hi and thanks for the "Like"
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    Thank you for the "like". I'm glad you enjoyed it.

    Thank you for the "like". I'm glad you enjoyed it.
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    I cannot piss fiance off.

    Interesting. My Wife also cums very intensely when sucking cocks.
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    Golden shower

    My Wife also has a pee fetish, enjoying me kneeling when she pees and then licking her dry.
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    Wives taking black dick in public...

    Publicly preparing her to take on two black dicks