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    Why do you want your wife to be hotwife???

    A great question. The answer is yes. My first wife had formed a friendship with a coworker at her previous job. I had heard about him, but I had yet to meet him. That changed one day, when we ran into him in a store. We talked for half an hour and ended up inviting him over for dinner. He was...
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    Mercy fuck

    Mercy fucks are far more common than most imagine. I was often surprised by my first wife picking some hapless fellow to allow between her legs. Robert had been my boss for about two months. He disliked and feared me, which might be one in the same, starting on my first day at work. One day...
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    Have you walked in on her and her FWB by accident

    I remember once waking up one night and finding that my wife was absent. We had picked up my college buddy, Michael, at the airport earlier that night and had gone out to eat at his favorite restaurant in our city and returned to our place for a quick threesome. I had to work the next day and...
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    Long ago, I found the Venn diagram on the web; at the time I discounted it, but then I kept returning to evaluate again, and again. Guess which quadrant you and your wife are in.
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    Comment by 'WiseOld' in media 'Dress'

    So sweet that it makes my cavities ache. Dr. Doogie is a very lucky man.
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    Back to Square 1

    No shows are common, no matter how willing and attractive you are. Long ago, a female friend invited me and three other men to an orgy. Another guy and I were the only ones to show up (all the women invited did show up). You might try the Ashley Madison website, as it is free for women and men...
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    Webcam chat for starters

    You might try It is a cam-to-cam website that shuffles the connections, so you get different one-on-one screens of mostly men jacking off from all over the world (you can restrict the county to one). Then, it locks one screen. You can move on to another person, or linger and...
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    Overcoming fear of finding "crazy person" for first time?

    You would think that a married middle-aged guy with a good job wouldn't be crazy, but he was. He hit on my wife by asking her pointblank at his work (my wife installed $$$k business software at the customer's office and then spent a week helping everyone get the hang of it) if she was interested...
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    Question about getting your wife to meet her lover alone...

    My wife and I exited the movie house and we wondered if we could make any stops before driving 40 miles to get home. We had about an hour available to us, as it was late at night and we woke early for work the next morning. I was thinking along the lines of an ice-cream shop and I asked her what...
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    Different route

    What I left out of the story was the very aspect that tickled me most: as the women sat and laughed, their breasts danced on their chests—subtlety, like a serving of Jell-O or pudding quivering while being carried. drove me wild. Unlike a sexual get together, with its animated movements...
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    We were on our way and i fucked it up

    Throw away your cage and return to being her dom. Two doms can get along just fine, but not two subs. Use lube and tell her you like imaging it is another man's semen. They even sell a lube that purposely resembles cum.
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    Does Your Wife's Lover Know?

    There is an old saying that you can sell anything, as long as the buy believes it's stolen goods. One of the best times was when we found a young guy living just 100 yards from us in our condo complex. How it began is a long story, but he didn't know that I knew and that I encouraged her to...
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    Any wives enjoy wearing sexy outfits while out at the supermarket?

    I once knew a police sergeant whose wife was our town's famous exhibitionist. At least that was what the local gossip said of her. She was in her mid 20s, blonde and cute, with a slightly chubby but athletic body. I never saw her wear anything too scandalous, although her skirts and shorts were...
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    Different route

    No doubt you want photos, not words. Still, it's a fun story I have to tell. We were visiting a hippie couple that we were close to, just after they had their first baby. The mother was a cute late twenties woman and she wasn’t in the least bit shy about breastfeeding in front of us. At one...
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    Advice Please

    Excellent progress. Point to your own hard cock and say, "If this were Bob's cock, what would he want to do you with it?" Then roleplay as Bob, repeatedly asking what he would do next. At some future date, say the same thing but referring to some other man, possibly a movie star she fancies or...