I am a 6'1 Caucasian/Mexican, rather stocky, and making people laugh is my favorite hobby I'm a bull in a rather unique situation: for the past six years, I was in a relationship with a partner who was completely asexual. Now single, I've just discovered the Cuck community, and find the role of a Bull to be an incredible turn-on. I'm looking for a couple interested in a young bull with one hell of a learning curve. I'm both discrete and independent, as well as willing to drive within reasonable limits. All DMs will get a response, whether they're just for a chat or a serious request. I'm quite active despite my recent addition to the community.

For those who want a little more detail about me, though, ill keep it simple:

-I don't judge anyone about anything- if you aren't child abuser, there's nothing you'll say that'll affect my opinion of you. I'm the kinda guy that appreciates honesty, and I won't participate in games. I'm about as blunt as a grenade, and will always voice my thoughts clearly and upfront. When given respect, I reciprocate in kind

-I'm interested in a wide array of subjects, both academic and not. I can happily talk about nearly any subject, especially History, Phycology, Fiction, and a little Science

-I spend my time at home reading, taking care of my dogs, or just looking up topics I find interesting. When I want a little variety I'll either drive to the beach and camp for the weekend for a bit of relaxation, or hit up a bar (in these times, Its hard, but I've got a few nearby that are well hidden and discrete)

- I'm that weird bastard that finds mind and personality more attractive than looks- while I have standards, I'd rather have fun with an interesting kinky 4 than an airheaded 10

In the bedroom, though:

-Im not really into younger partners, too much drama and games. There's nothing sexier to me than a woman in her 50's that knows what she wants and isn't shy about telling me. I'd rather just be told what she needs than spend a week playing Hot and Cold

-Despite my lack of experience, in both the bedroom and the Community, I'll know if something's a turn-on for me.

-Bisexual, with a preference for women. No problems with Trans, CD, or simply cucks- depending on the situation, you might even get me to do a little something for ya.

-As stated before, traveling is fine with me, as long as it's not insane. Anything within 150 miles of Stockton CA is acceptable, and I do not host.

-Open to regular arrangements, although I do not get involved with drama. I won't be serious unless my partner(s) are, and there isn't a single set of circumstances where I'll try to steal someone else's partner outside of roleplay.

There ain't much that'll turn me off, but what few I have are lines that I won't cross, so keep in mind that I don't do S&M or kiddie play, but Cuck needs to be put in his place with a little humiliation, I'm your guy.

Feel free to DM if ya got any questions, or just wanna chat.
Aug 1, 1997 (Age: 25)
Stockton, CA
Forklift Operator



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