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  1. M

    Cuck looking for love.

    Hi. My name is Magilla. I've had that name since H.S. and I got that name because after every time I came, I would beat my chest like a gorilla! I am cucked, but man do I enjoy watching very large black cocks due damage to a poor white pussy and/or asshole... Have been known to do some excellent...
  2. C

    My wife at an adult theater... Tribute Marathon

    I went yesterday with my wife at the local adult theater hoping to see many guys stroking their dicks with my wife live. Unfortunately, there was nobody there at that time and she got a bit disappointed, but I promised her that I will fix this... For every guy who will tribute these photos, my...
  3. Sue 011.jpg

    Sue 011.jpg

    Slutwife at Adult Cinema
  4. Sue 009.jpg

    Sue 009.jpg

    Slutwife at Adult Cinema
  5. Sue 007.jpg

    Sue 007.jpg

    Slutwife at Adult Cinema
  6. Sue 004.jpg

    Sue 004.jpg

    Slutwife at Adult Cinema
  7. Sue 003.jpg

    Sue 003.jpg

    Slutwife at Adult Cinema
  8. Sue 002.jpg

    Sue 002.jpg

    Slutwife at Adult Cinema
  9. Sue 001.jpg

    Sue 001.jpg

    Slutwife at Adult Cinema
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    Adult Cinema Fun
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    Adult Cinema Fun
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    Adult Cinema Fun
  17. Cum Here

    Cum Here

    New tank top for our next theater visit
  18. H

    My Slutwife Lina posted up in a local adult video store

    Hey guys my beautiful Slutwife Lina her pictures are posted up in a local adult video store viewing room that has glory holes all her contact information and her pictures of her spread wide open and a CD of her pictures so guys can rent to go into the room and jerk off to her is available at a...
  19. she plays her slut role in the adult theater.mp4

    she plays her slut role in the adult theater.mp4

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  20. BikerBill

    Wife's first adult theater experience!

    At 50 years old my wife had never been to an adult theater and always said she would never go because she does not like to watch porn. Well just before 2020 rolled in she was watching some sex talk show on HBO or something and they were talking about sex in the adult theaters, she asked me if...