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    Seeing myself compared to her head is pretty nice.
  2. Wife's Hard Orgasm

    Wife's Hard Orgasm

    Her fuck buddy ate her pussy good once again and brought her to an intense orgasm.
  3. Oral Orgasm

    Oral Orgasm

    A recent fuck buddy ate her pussy good and the resulting orgasm had her dropping the phone, so when the screen goes dark near the end that's a nice view of the sheets on the bed. LOL This was later in the evening so if there was anyone walking by their door or in the next room I'm sure they heard.
  4. Eve sucking my cock

    Eve sucking my cock

    Hotwife sucking hubby after visiting her bull
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    Bit those lips.
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    Clit licking
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    Tina and me in Tina's mouth

    Ta Da....