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    Her anklet
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  6. Anonymousrob84

    It’s the season!

    It’s the season of giving and receiving, so I wanted to post some of my favorite gifts that Rachel has received from her followers and others who ordered her stuff off her wishlist! New hotwife anklet Heart shaped buttplug Sexy thong Leather gstring and corset Sexy lingerie dress It turns her...
  7. bun2181

    Is wearing an anklet a sign of qos or hot wife lifestyle?

    I am really into a girl and I know she has been in the swinger lifestyle before although she's no longer married. I see that she wears an anklet and know it's popular with some swingers. Curious to know if the anklet is a widely known/understood symbol for sexually available women. Hoping it has...
  8. IrishHubby

    Tribute my 30 yo Blonde Wife

    My wife has recently opened up to the idea of becoming a hotwife. She has even started wearing an anklet. Id love to show her some tributes to turn her on! Dm for more
  9. Office slut

    Office slut

    She cums to visit me at work, for cum deposit
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    QOS anklet
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    Staring out the window...
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  13. The Anklet

    The Anklet

    One of the most meaningful cuckold symbol