1. Meeting married women

    Meeting married women

    She was traveling solo, met on Tinder. What happens in Aruba, stay in Aruba
  2. Aruba adventure continue

    Aruba adventure continue

    Great people met in Aruba
  3. Aruba Adventures

    Aruba Adventures

    Great couples I met last night
  4. Milf Meetup Part 3

    Milf Meetup Part 3

    Who will be in Aruba soon, accommodate is not a problem… perks of being a hotelier
  5. Milf Meetup part 2

    Milf Meetup part 2

    He wanted more…. So could not say no!
  6. Milf Meetup Part 1

    Milf Meetup Part 1

    Always enjoy visitors to the island, wanting to meet up
  7. Arubabullaua

    Aruba lovers

    For all your fun, outgoing and adventurists. Anyone planning to be in Aruba soon? Always welcome playful couples and hotwifes.. M 46 and open to meetup
  8. After party part 5

    After party part 5

    See part 1
  9. After party part 4

    After party part 4

  10. After party part 3

    After party part 3

    See all other parts, inside how and when
  11. After party part 2

    After party part 2

    See part one arriving at hotel
  12. After party part 1

    After party part 1

    We all met at Sopranos in Aruba, her husband went to casino and said, make sure she is okay till I get back… did not blow me back said that everything else was fair play..
  13. Arubabullaua

    Aruba vacationers? Anyone

    All your fun, couples, hotwife… anyone planning a vacation to Aruba? Let’s get together