1. Cum on ass

    Cum on ass

    Fun with wife
  2. Bedtime


    What’s your next move ?
  3. Morning robe upshot

    Morning robe upshot

    I was hoping for no underwear… maybe next time 😉
  4. Morning Impromptu

    Morning Impromptu

    pre shower
  5. Morning blowjob view

    Morning blowjob view

  6. Lovemaking - creampie aftermath

    Lovemaking - creampie aftermath

    Messy sheets
  7. Lovemaking- with ending creampie pov

    Lovemaking- with ending creampie pov

    Wife’s pussy was so juicy that I ended up leaving a load inside instead of pulling out. If you enjoy this type of media of ours , let me know.
  8. gif9xxx.gif


    Wife showing off a few bikinis
  9. Bounce that ass

    Bounce that ass

    End of a session
  10. Morning backshots

    Morning backshots

    When the wife wakes you up and says she has 5 minutes, you don’t hesitate.
  11. Wife’s assets

    Wife’s assets

    behind the robe
  12. IMG_3425.jpeg


  13. IMG_3446.jpeg


  14. IMG_3424.jpeg


  15. Peekaboo


    Sneaking a peek
  16. Messy bedsheets

    Messy bedsheets

    Wife creamed all over the place
  17. Post workout sweaty fuck

    Post workout sweaty fuck

    Wife was still sweaty from the gym and we couldn’t resist. I cum in her and on her back while she makes sure none of it drops out of her pussy onto the floor
  18. Soapy time

    Soapy time

    A very tempting view … what to do next?
  19. Spontaneous lingerie fuck

    Spontaneous lingerie fuck

    End of doggy with a close up of her creampied pussy
  20. JC cum on boobs.mp4

    JC cum on boobs.mp4

    Great finish on her boobs even though her husband wanted me to creampie her again