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  1. S

    North Carolina

    I'd love to find a male friend who enjoys talking about the cuck lifestyle. My gf knows I want her to enjoy another man's cock but she won't agree to it, although she does role play about it with me, in bed. I tend to become overbearing with how often I like to talk about it to her, so I would...
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    Cuckold captiond gif

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    Encounter with Indian guys and ladies (for all - cucks, hotwives, stags and vixen)

    I've heard much about people like Indian women. So I'd like to hear you encounter with Indian guys (ofc not the immature fellas) Share your experience with Indian guys and what would you want more and less of them.
  4. thoughts?


    shaved, black, enduring and veiny. Any takers? 😗 (P.s I'm 19) Fun fact: mf can cum 4 times in 1 go 😏💦
  5. Once again like I said it is my wife

    Once again like I said it is my wife

    Just snapped a pic of her in bed next to me
  6. chris_abena

    How could I find a bbc for my ex gf?

    so, she is in college, I would love to get her a BBC, who would seduce, and hook up with her. It's also not really easy, since we're in europe, more precisely in Hungary. I don't know if there are bbcs who would do it for money. If you have an idea, drop me a message, so we can discuss it.
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    Any one like to have some private fun?

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    24M Egyptian Bull looking for a couple

    Looking for an online couple for fun together or local Egyptian cockold that needs real bull for his wife if available am here to satisfy u
  10. T

    who wants to put a dick on a photo of my girlfriend and send it to her

    who wants to put a dick on a photo of my girlfriend and send it to her
  11. S

    Eastern Europe?

    Hello, Romania here :)
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    my wife
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    A Breeding Black Cock

    I so much want to breed white women. I'm a black guy with fertile semen. Anyone interested in having a black baby should talk to me.