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    loves doggie
  2. Wife can’t get enough

    Wife can’t get enough

    We first met this bbc with another bbc, the first time she squirted, she was back days later with him on his own she couldn’t get enough of him
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    When I took a pic of my pants pulled down in a restroom stall at work for the coworker who handed me the little paper with a heart he drew on it just for me. All I could think of was sneaking off to the ladies room to pull my naked butt out and take a pic of his heart on my asscheek and send him it.
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    He likes to watch me soak through the material before he takes them off. This is all it takes honestly. I just wish he'd stop letting me flood the couch cushions without using towels. There is nowhere dry to sit afterward. >:(
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    Chicago BBC bull

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