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  1. Wife's big tits with tan lines

    Wife's big tits with tan lines

    Leave some comments for her, she's shy and needs encouragement, what would you like to do with them and her? Also women let her know what you think. Her fantasy is to have a women make love to her
  2. route_66_girl

    South Florida couple ready for another

    Were wanting to play Friday night to play couple to couple or just the girls play! Were open minded about most if not all things so lets go from here....
  3. IMG_20210131_054619.jpg


    Ready to experience it All
  4. W

    Help ? Looking on ways to meet the lady to bring fantasies to Reslity

    I’m new here but have had lots experience but not into lifestyle to know others to invite. Really would love to find a lady to come suduce me , collar , leash , blindfold etc. both dressed sexy for her and I to be waiting for hubby to come home and as he walks in she informs that your slutty...