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    what a piece of this luv
  2. D

    YOUNG BWC Looking fot hotwife for sexting

    Hey fit 23 Year old BWC here looking for a hotwife for some sexting my snap is arend013 add me for some pleasure would be intrested in some online sexting i was thinking about a groupchat for me you and your wife where i and your wife would sexting each other while you watch it all happen...
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  4. B

    Bull here

    Any couples who want to play send a private message
  5. D

    Looking for online hotwife

    Looking for online hotwife meet up possible if you live in the Netherlands
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  7. M

    Do you want to talk about your wife or girlfriend send me private

    Do you want to talk about your wife or girlfriend send me private
  8. Zoonizoon

    United Arab Emirates

    Hi we are sexy couple in dubai My wife like to fuck hot and big cock satanger man Any body like to contact and show image of cock
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    hot wife want bull
  10. D

    28 yr old bull

    What’s up everyone. I’m a 28 yr old bull located in Alabama but able to travel to most places. I’m new to the site, but not the lifestyle. Feel free to hit me up anytime!
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