1. Joecde3vfr4

    Cartoon Your Wife

    This is a little different, but I love my cartoon generator app! Here are some examples of my Cartoon Wife. It’s kind of fun and I can post some pics publicly that I am not comfortable posting. Please ignore if not interested, but feel free to send me some pics or short vids if you want to...
  2. tjan9999

    Show your slut win an erotic art piece featuring her : )

    Show your GF or Wive and or fuck buddy. If they peak my interest I may use her in my art. Verification is preferred and posed photos are also preferred. Good quality photos and pussy tit and nipple close ups are a must. Each drawing requires a few weeks to complete and my compensation is...
  3. M

    Cuckold 3D Illustrations

    Here's some cuckold illustrations from my fave 3D artist...
  4. Mr Deadbird

    Cuckold Personalized Comics I made hope you like them.

    Ok so I'm an Adult artist and I'm releasing a New comic based on Tania a Girl I dated in my years of college. She was this nice sweet petite latina gril with huge boobs. She was crazy about sex and about older guys. I saw mails of her talking to a forenge guy who was gonna visit the country and...
  5. Mr Deadbird

    I do personalized porn comics for cuckolds and I've heard some crazy fantasies.

    Hi I'm Mr Deadbird, and I've been drawing porn for cuckolds for over a year.... How come? I'm the owner of Your Porn Factory, basicly we make personalized porn comics. Almos 70% of the orders I get are from guys arround the world asking me to let them see their wife fucking other men. Muscular...
  6. Mr Deadbird

    My Ex Maggy... I made a whore of her

    Hi guys I'm Mr Deadbird So I wanted to share some drawing I made of my Ex Maggy, she was a short latina girl, big pretty eyes and curly hair... She was so sweet and kind that I honestly wanted to see her as a cheating whore. Please let me know your opinion