1. Very slow masturbation - SOUND ON

    Very slow masturbation - SOUND ON

    Very slow masturbation - SOUND ON
  2. P

    Girlfriends new job

    Since my girlfriend of 5 years ago started her new job, her style of clothing has changed a lot and I think her attitude has changed a bit. Lately she is dressing in a sexy way and is going out to parties and getting together with her new friends from work. What bothers me more than anything is...
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  4. T

    What does a hot wife look like with regular clothes?

    Do they still get the look?
  5. LetstalkaboutMYGIRL

    Ali would like to do a poll to find out what photo to show next.

    Ali wants to know what photos you would all like to see next from us, so cast your votes and we’ll upload the most popular choice. She says she can’t wait..
  6. Angelina S.

    Sexy Outfits

    Which outfits worn by your wife or girlfriend have excited you the most? Share the ones that drove you wild. Please show us how excited they got YOU by posting a tribute. The outfit with the most squirts wins. Remember an outfit can be just a pair of wicked shoes.
  7. xxxcouplexxx

    A hotwife fashion show

    I’m sure we all have things we love to wear for our man, or should I say men, I know I have. Maybe a certain pair of shoes, a short skirt, some sexy underwear or whatever. So how about having a bit of fashion show and putting up some photos of our sexiest and favourite items? This thread is not...