1. A

    My Wife is the Sexiest Woman I Know

    Ok, ok... so maybe I'm biased. I've only just come across this site and I had to sign up and post. It's great to have somewhere that I can talk about the lifestyle as it's something our friends and family don't know about us. My wife and I have been together for 7 years and been active in the...
  2. N

    Road to Cuckold

    On the way to make my very hot girlfriend Nicole (31) a Hotwife. This is our journey. We met 2 years ago. The relationship is awesome every day. We are both in love. She is beautiful and kind. Our sex life is fantastic. She wants to be fucked always, everywhere and all day long. She is...
  3. Tomad12

    Cockold/hotwife guide (step by step)

    I would love to have more tips or a guide what to do to convince all our gfs or wifes. Let me here what you guys think? And for the people who have a lot of experience; tel us what to do so i or a moderator can make a guide with tips. Hope to hear from you. Tomad