1. Woreout

    A creamypie new year

    On New year's Eve in 1999 my wife Andrea and I attended a party given by one of her co-workers. It was a Friday that year so having two days off afterwards had a great deal to do with how wild it was. The theme was 1969, so Andrea bought me a pair of bell bottom jeans and a tie dyed t shirt. She...
  2. Woreout

    Creamy wife

    Wife's homemade creamy pie Friday evening I was setting on the deck enjoying a cold beer when I heard my wife Andrea pull into the garage. I needed another one so I went into the kitchen and met her as she came through the door. I looked at how lovely she was standing there in a mid thigh...
  3. Woreout

    How I found out

    I had hinted to my wife that I thought it would be sexy if she fucked another man even though she never admitted to liking the idea she didn't shoot it down. When she was pregnant with our son we had taken a trip to Pigeon forge Tennessee and it was on the ride home that I started talking to...